Business in Brief - 30/10/20

Abel & Cole debuts new compostable packaging

Turf Croft Herbs, supplied by organic food delivery service Abel & Cole, are now packaged in compostable zipper bags produced by packaging company TIPA.

According to TIPA, this technology is as efficient as traditional plastic at protecting the shelf-life of produce, but it decomposes back into the earth with no toxic residue, microplastics or other pollutants within a few months of being composted.

Stef Sahmel, Head of Sustainability at Abel & Cole, said: “Since the business started over 30 years ago we’ve always tried to keep our packaging innovative and considered, looking at its sourcing, performance and ease of disposal by our customers, but finding a suitable packaging solution for loose produce such as our herbs has until now proven challenging.

“With TIPA, however, we’ve found something robust and moisture-retentive, keeping our herbs in fantastic condition and reducing food waste, with a material that our customers can compost at home.”

Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of TIPA, said: “UK consumers depend on leading retailers like Abel & Cole, whose support for low-waste packaging solutions has encouraged organic produce suppliers to choose truly circular solutions like compostable packaging.

“Abel & Cole has enabled its customers to choose sustainable options that support healthy ecosystems, which we depend on for nutritious organic fruit and vegetables.”

Viridor continues to restore Beddington Farmlands’ wet grassland habitat

Waste management company Viridor is expanding its Beddington Farmlands project, which aims to bring natural habitats back to south London, with the creation of wet grassland, providing a space for both wildlife and the public to visit.

The area was previously used as a landfill site, but it closed due to the fact that energy recovery has in recent years become a more popular way of managing non-recyclable waste than diverting it to landfill.

Wet grassland is meant to be a reproduction of the type of habitat that is found on river floodplains. These used to be common in the UK but 90 per cent have been eradicated due to agricultural drainage.

The three-phase project hopes to be up and running by the end of the year.

Marcus Kohler, director of MKA Ecology has said: “The creation of wet grassland is a key restoration goal at Beddington that will create breeding habitat for target species, notably lapwing, a species on the red list of conservation concern.

“Lapwing have historically bred at Beddington on the sludge beds, created through the traditional management process of sewage management. Now that this process no longer takes place, the creation of the equivalent of 15 football pitches of wet grassland is fundamental to the sustainability of this unique urban population.

“With good management, it will also become a significant resource for migrating waders, and other target species such as the little ringed plover.”

SUEZ signs three-year contract with University of Northampton

SUEZ Group has embarked on a three-year waste and recycling collection contract with University of Northampton to help it reach its target of a recycling rate of 80 per cent by 2023.

The service provided to the university will include automated reporting with a chipped and GPS-equipped container management system that will help the University of Northampton to review and analyse its recycling and waste data.

SUEZ has worked with several UK universities in the past, and recently published a report titled Lifting the Lid Higher on students’ attitudes and behaviours towards waste and recycling on campus.

John Howes, External Services Manager from University of Northampton said: “We have been impressed with how efficiently SUEZ was able to mobilise this new contract and have continued to surpass our expectations during this first month of full-service delivery.

“We are looking forward to working with our new recycling partner for years to come, continuing to build on our shared passion for the environment and working together to reach our 2023 recycling target.”

Neil Smith, Business Development Manager for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this new contract and very much look forward to working together to improve sustainability on campus and deliver an efficient waste and recycling service for the students and faculty of the University of Northampton.”