WRAP calls for Recycle Week 2021 sponsors

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has put out a call for more sponsors for this year’s Recycle Week, which will run from 20-26 September 2021.

Recycle Now, WRAP’s national recycling campaign, has welcomed donors such as Britvic, Co-op, Natural Source Waters Association (NSWA), Ocado and PepsiCo for the 18th edition of Recycle Week – however, is encouraging more businesses to sponsor the campaign and join the fight against climate change.

Pepsi bottle Sarah Clayton, Head of Citizen Behaviour Change WRAP, said: “People’s concern about the environment remains on the increase; we know that climate change is an issue people are passionate about.

“Often we can feel powerless to act, but recycling is one activity that we can all do to help the planet. As a nation our commitment to recycling has continued to grow, even during the challenges of the last year. We want Recycle Week 2021 to inspire more people to Step It Up and fight climate change.

“It’s great to see organisations committing support for this long standing week of national action; their support will make a huge difference to the activities we can carry out during the eighteenth Recycle Week”.

Kinvara Carey, General Manager, NSWA, added: “The Natural Source Waters Association and its members have always supported and promoted Recycle Week with its clear and action orientated communications on what and how to recycle.

“All our members’ packaging is 100 per cent recyclable. Our members are using increasing amounts of recycled material and want to use more so we are really excited to be a donor this year to help ensure Recycle Week’s important message reaches as wide an audience as possible”.

Tom Fiennes, Director of Commercial Sustainability at Britvic, commented: “Britvic is a long-term supporter of Recycle Week and once again we’re proud to be a corporate donor.

“We all know we can do our bit to bring about a Healthier Planet and that's what Britvic has been striving towards – whether by switching our brands one-by-one to recycled plastic or pushing for a GB-wide Deposit Return Scheme.

“All our actions can make a difference and this year we are calling on everyone to step up and recycle.”

Jamie Mackay, General Manager UK Beverages, PepsiCo, added: “We fully support the ambition of Recycle Week and are proud to join WRAP for the campaign again in 2021.

"Despite a challenging year, people across the country are continuing to take small but meaningful actions to help protect the environment. Recycling helps drive a circular economy, ensuring packaging can have a second life.

"As we work towards our 2022 goal of 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles across our ready-to-drink beverages in Great Britain, we hope that Recycle Week inspires even more people to step up their support this year.”

To find out more about becoming a donor for this year's Recycle Week, contact [email protected]