Construction waste: ‘Out of site’, out of mind?

With plastics waste hogging the headlines, Allan Sandilands, Senior Consultant at Resource Futures, shines a light on construction waste – the ‘silent sector’ that has slipped under the radar at a time of heightened focus on waste and resources

The recyclability of... plastic added envelopes

Bubble wrap-lined envelopes are a staple of every office, but can this form of packaging be effectively recycled, or should alternatives be found?

A sideways view: They don't know what you put in your bin... yet

Ray Georgeson wonders how the media might encourage more serious recycling.

Single-use plastics: Fiddling while Rome burns...

With single-use plastic products increasingly under the spotlight, Jessica Baker, Managing Director of Chase Plastics Ltd., asks whether government and industry are guilty of looking the wrong way in the fight against plastic pollution


Over 32,000 tonnes of material that could be recycled is instead put in residual waste bins each year in West Sussex, costing the council an estimated £3 million a year in disposal costs. To highlight the scale of this waste, West Sussex County Council has created a video that visualises it on a personal and then county-wide level.