Mark Burrows-Smith

With 2020 upon us, REPIC CEO Mark Burrows-Smith reflects on the year gone by – and it’s certainly been an interesting one for waste industry stakeholders and producer compliance schemes.

Paul Vanston, CEO of INCPEN

Paul Vanston, CEO of the Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment (INCPEN), calls on the resources and waste industry to be bold in its actions to combat climate change and advance the circular economy in 2020.

Andy Garside, Group Technical Waste Manager at Adler and Allan

Are you disposing of your business’ waste compliantly? Andy Garside, Group Technical Waste Manager at environmental risk reduction company Adler and Allan, discusses the impact that non-compliant waste management can have on businesses.

Sadie Westwood, Business Director at 23red.

Sadie Westwood, Business Director at creative agency 23red, discusses how communications campaigns should make use of nudges and targeted messaging to encourage people to waste less food.


Over 32,000 tonnes of material that could be recycled is instead put in residual waste bins each year in West Sussex, costing the council an estimated £3 million a year in disposal costs. To highlight the scale of this waste, West Sussex County Council has created a video that visualises it on a personal and then county-wide level.