No excuse for perpetuating slavery in waste

Paul Broadbent, Chief Executive of the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority, warns that everyone has a responsibility to stamp out modern slavery in the recycling industry.

Getting more out of anaerobic digestion

Nigel Lee, General Manager at Amur, says that anaerobic digestion plants need to work harder to improve gas yields if they are to achieve their budgeted income.

An eye on the markets: Textile crowding

Alan Wheeler, Director of the Textile Recycling Association, gives an update on the used clothing and textile recycling market.

A Sideways View: Deposit return and the trap of eternalism

Ray Georgeson wonders if calls for the return of a bottle deposit return system are fuelled more by nostalgia than by forward-thinking policy-making.


Over 32,000 tonnes of material that could be recycled is instead put in residual waste bins each year in West Sussex, costing the council an estimated £3 million a year in disposal costs. To highlight the scale of this waste, West Sussex County Council has created a video that visualises it on a personal and then county-wide level.

From the Magazine

Collecting knowledge: Spreading best practice in pursuit of a circular economy in Europe

If we are to create a circular economy, everyone needs to be on board. Resource looks at how Zero Waste Europe is spreading best practice across the continent, and how lessons for a greener future already exist, they just need to be accessed.


Birmingham: A long hot summer of bin strikes

Many local authorities have been embroiled in industrial disputes with their workforces over the past year, forced to make cuts in a climate of austerity. Rob Cole looks back on the Birmingham bin dispute and the controversies that brought it national attention.

Carbon Index 2017: Powys powers ahead with carbon reduction

Simon Hann and Peter Jones from Eunomia present the fifth Local Authority Recycling Carbon Index, showing who's winning the fight to reduce carbon emissions.

Contamination in the USA

In the wake of China’s tighter import standards for recycling, the problem of contamination has been thrown into the spotlight. Gareth Morton discusses what the US is doing to tackle the issue – and what the UK can learn.

Hot 100 2018: Who are the leaders of the pack?

2017 was a big year for waste and resources. It was the year that top level policy finally started to be shuffled, that high profile media started to bridge the gap between the industry and the public, and that the conversation started to get to the very heart of the issues.

And so, as we do every year, we asked members of the waste and resource industry, and all of those interested in the world of resources (a rapidly growing number), to nominate and vote for those that... More

Shipbreaking bad: Inside the murky world of ship recycling

Unregulated ship recycling in South Asia is killing dozens of workers a year, with European ships flouting safe disposal laws through loopholes. Sid Hayns-Worthington takes a look at the murky world of shipbreaking

Ahead of the pack: An interview with Paul Vanston

As a huge year for resources kicks off with a plastics-heavy 25 Year Environment Plan, INCPEN CEO Paul Vanston talks to Edward Perchard about deposits, PRNs, Attenborough and how effective collaboration will pave the way for a greener future.