Xampla to showcase bioplastics at Science Museum exhibition

The Science Museum has invited bioplastics company, Xampla, to be a key exhibitor at its innovation showcase, ‘Future Explorers’.

Taking place between 25 - 29 October, the exhibition is designed to engage with children from the age of seven, encouraging them to think about the changes that will take place in the world around them over the next few decades. Xampla, as part of the week of action, will demonstrate how to identify microplastics, educating visitors on their harmful effects on the ocean through interactive demonstrations. The company’s team of experts will conduct the sessions, as part of its commitment to boosting ‘STEM education for the next generation’.

Xampla bioplasticsThe showcase also presents the opportunity for Xampla to display what it refers to as the ‘world’s first plant protein material for commercial use.’ The company claims that it has created a substance that performs the same functions as synthetic polymers, yet decomposes in its entirety – the bio-based material is made from Supramolecular Engineered Protein (SEP) derived from plants and does not incorporate the chemical additions that traditional plastic alternatives made from plant polysaccharides do, according to Xampla. The material is modelled on the molecular structure of spider silk, mimicking its strength and flexibility.

The Science Museum partnership comes as Xampla prepares to commercialise its products across a range of industries. The proposed product line thus far includes microcapsules, films, and coatings, amongst other single use plastic alternatives.

Xampla CEO, Simon Hombersley, commented: “We are incredibly proud to be invited to partner with the Science Museum. At Xampla, our team of experts has a real passion for taking science out into the real world to educate the next generation about STEM careers.  We hope to inspire some of the children we meet this half term to be tomorrow’s scientists and innovators, seeking to improve the world around them.

“The activity will be ‘hands on’ and will be about getting young people really excited about science and the impact a career in this field can have.  We will then be building on this programme of outreach over the next year with more events and activities to get involved with.”

Laura Southall, Head of Learning at the Science Museum, said: “We’re excited to be joined by Xampla to ignite the curiosity of young visitors this October half term as we explore the effects of and solutions to microplastics in our environment.”