Vegware releases Covid-19 guidance for caterers

Vegware, a compostable packaging company, has published interactive guidance to assist caterers in getting “back to business” and adapt to socially distanced catering during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

An image of Vegware Bonappetit Bowls

Outlined in the guide hoping to help caterers to “serve food safely”, Vegware puts forward a range of new service models to help catering businesses adapt to social distancing measures implemented by the government.

Six models are proposed in the guide to inspire those struggling with socially-distanced catering:

  • ‘Al desko’ delivery: Food brought to clients at their desks, pre-packaged and in a bag or carry pack.
  • Pop-up pods for grab & go: Instead of one large restaurant, smaller pods cater for different areas of the site. Units may include hot drinks, snacks, and a small chiller and hot cabinet for ‘grab and go’.
  • Takeaway: A highly practical solution for distancing, incorporating contactless collection; carriers and cutlery packs are a must.
  • Packed lunches: Many foodservice settings are finding packed lunches the simplest solution.
  • Sitting in: QSR and dine-in contract catering settings are seeking attractive disposable trays and plates as a good temporary solution.
  • Delivery: Practical and attractive packaging is key to customer experience, including how the food looks after delivery.

The guide also presents Vegware’s eco-disposable packaging range, ideas for menus and information on its environmental objectives.

Vegware’s compostable catering disposables are made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials, and can all be commercially composted with food waste where accepted.

Vegware Sales Representative Teresa Suter stated: “We are here for our friends in foodservice, providing the packaging they need to get back to what caterers do best: creating new menus, serving delicious food, and feeding communities.”

Whilst Vegware products are compostable – they fully biodegrade in under 12 weeks in industrial composting facilities – consumer confusion can mean compostable packaging often gets disposed of incorrectly. Earlier this year, WRAP published guidance seeking to provide clarity after it found many consumers were unsure on how to dispose of compostables.

Confusion isn’t limited to compostables, however, with a recent survey by fibre packaging company DS Smith finding that 83 per cent of UK adults aren’t sure what can or can’t be recycled.

The ‘Clear on Plastics’ campaign from the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and plastics recycling charity RECOUP’s study have both carried out work in recent times to try to reduce confusion around plastic packaging recycling.

You can read the guidance on socially distanced catering in full on Vegware’s website.