Vanston to join Cambridgeshire waste service

Paul Vanston
The newly-combined waste service of South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridge City Council have appointed Paul Vanston, Manager of the Kent Resource Partnership (KRP), as its Head of Waste Resources.

The two councils began merged collection operations earlier this month as part of a move to optimise collection efficiency and create savings of around £700,000 a year.

As well as moving Cambridge City’s fleet of collection vehicles, drivers and crew to South Cambridgeshire’s Waterbeach depot, a shared waste board has been created to oversee both services.

Over the next few years, this board will work to optimise efficiency savings on fuel and vehicles across the two districts, including reducing the number of collection rounds.

Vanston will take up the role of Head of Waste Resources on 15 February 2016.

As Manager of KRP, Vanston has overseen the joint working of the 12 Kent district councils and Kent County Council to improve waste management in the county.

In his time there, Vanston has promoted the idea of waste as a resource, and was voted to number 11 in 2014’s Resource Hot 100.

The KRP Members Board has authorised officers to begin the search for Vanston’s successor in Kent. Richard Wilson, Environmental Chief Officer at Sevenoaks District Council, the host authority for KRP staff, has confirmed that he will be issuing details shortly with the aim of interviewing shortlisted candidates early next year.

Partnership working thriving in challenging financial climate

Commenting on his time at the KRP, Vanston said: “I have had a terrific decade in Kent working with fantastic councillors and colleagues across all 13 Kent councils. Partnership working has delivered higher performance at better cost to taxpayers. The great news is the KRP has the potential to do so much more.

“For my successor, the KRP will be an opportunity to make their own mark on how the future looks on behalf of 1.6 million residents generating some 700,000 tonnes of resources a year.”

Speaking about his new role for South Cambridgeshire DC and Cambridge City Council, he added: “These two Cambridgeshire councils are definitely going places. Along with Kent, they are setting a great example in joining-up services in the most challenging of financial climates. It’s my privilege to be asked to join them and lead the new shared service.”

Vanston brings ‘experience and strategic knowledge’

Cllr Mick Martin, Environmental Services Portfolio Holder for South Cambridgeshire District Council, and Cllr Peter Roberts, Executive Councillor for Environment and Waste for Cambridge City Council, jointly commented: “We are really excited to have Paul lead the fledgling shared waste service. Paul brings a great deal of experience and strategic knowledge, and we believe he is the right person to help our service evolve over the coming years.

“Combined, Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire, represent one of the largest areas of future employment and housing growth in the UK, so it only makes sense for both councils to work together with tested and dynamic public servants, like Paul, at the helm.”

Speaking of Vanston’s work in Kent, Cllr Rory Love, KRP Chairman and Cabinet Member on Shepway District Council, said: “Paul has been a driving force behind the multi-award winning Kent Resource Partnership. He has delivered the ambitions of all of Kent’s councils to make the unique Kent Resource Partnership one of the most respected waste partnerships in the country.

“Paul will be a huge asset for Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire, but above all, I have no doubt he will remain a fantastic ambassador for public services, and specifically for local government, with all our partners in recycling and waste across many sectors.”

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