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TerraCycle partners with Evreka on new waste management system

TerraCycle, a firm that specialises in tackling hard to recycle waste, has partnered with Evreka, which has expertise in digital platforms for waste management, to implement technology to track the movement of waste through each step of the global supply chain.

The solution is currently being rolled out by TerraCycle's European and North American operations with plans to expand to other markets later this year. It will allow third-party certification of recycling.

Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle has said: "This software provides us with the ability to centralise and scale the tracking of all waste movements through each step of our global supply chain from receipt through multiple stages of sortation and processing to final recycling.

“The centralisation and tracking methods implemented will allow third-party certification of our recycling claims beyond any standards we’ve seen within the waste industry."

The software uses real-time optimised data that will significantly alter waste collection operations for all TerraCycle’s waste streams. In support, Evreka’s software will provide asset and operations management solutions for TerraCycle’s Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). Data from the MRF will be stored in Evreka’s all-in-one management platform, which can monitor the waste as it moves through the recycling process.

This will play a part in Evreka’s aim to provide ‘Sustainability as a Service’ by working with partners in the public and private sectors.

Umutcan Duman, CEO of Evreka commented that: “We are proud to be working hand in hand with a company as innovative as TerraCycle in our efforts to solve the world’s waste problem and create a sustainable future.

“We have achieved new successes by broadening the variety of our product range to ensure optimisation in all aspects of waste management. Through these successes, it is especially exhilarating to know that our efforts in digitising waste management have found a purpose toward a greater cause, where we can advance the frontiers of sustainability for a better world.”