Plastic-free space to debut at London packaging exhibition

PlasticFreeLand illustration
PlasticFreeLand brings together eight exhibitors of plastic-free packaging
The world’s first PlasticFreeLand™ will be debuting at the Packaging Innovations show at Olympia, London, on Wednesday and Thursday this week (11-12 September).

This year’s Packaging Innovations conference, which brings together industry leaders from a variety of packaging fields, will include PlasticFreeLand™, an area constructed entirely from environmentally friendly fibre-based board. This will be a space for companies to display plastic-free solutions using innovative ideas and pioneering new biomaterials.

At the 2018 Packaging Innovations last September, a plastic-free aisle was set up to replicate the world’s first supermarket plastic-free aisle in an Amsterdam branch of the Dutch store, Ekoplaza. Introduced by campaign group A Plastic Planet, Ekoplaza’s plastic-free zone then went on the road across Europe with its ‘Mobe-Aisle.’

Taking inspiration from Ekoplaza, there has been an increase in plastic-free zones within UK supermarkets such as the Thornton’s Budgens store in Camden, and a rise in zero waste shops stocking only plastic-free items, such as Zero Green in Bristol and Locavore in Glasgow.

‘A bold vision’

Expanding on last year’s Plastic Free Aisle campaign, A Plastic Planet is now bringing together eight major exhibitors in PlasticFreeLand™ to showcase sustainable solutions and alternatives to plastic packaging that are already available, helping consumers envision living in a society free from plastic.

Commenting at 2018’s conference, A Plastic Planet co-founder, Sian Sutherland, said that 40 per cent of all plastic is used just for packaging, and that reduction was as important as recycling in getting to grips with the plastic problem.

Commenting on PlasticFreeLand™, Sutherland said:  “We are very proud to welcome people to PlasticFreeLand™ – a bold vision that shows it is already possible to turn off the plastic tap. We wanted to create a truly visionary space championing some of the world’s most pioneering material manufacturers.”

Within PlasticFreeLand™, compostable packaging company TIPA will be presenting fully compostable flexible packaging as an alternative to plastic wrap used for food and drink and food packaging manufacturer Sirane will demonstrate how complex plastic laminates and flexibles can be replaced with nature-friendly materials.

Other brands such as Flexi-Hex and Reel Brands will showcase cardboard-based and corrugated solutions, while Maistic will display a full range of household products, packaged using new bio-materials.

Control Union (CU), the international certification body, whose partnership with A Plastic Planet launches this month, will also be present. CU will be collaborating on the further rollout of A Plastic Planet’s Plastic Free Trust Mark for packaging and materials.

In May 2018, supermarket chain Iceland became the first UK retailer to adopt a plastic-free mark on their packaging, and over 100 more brands have already applied to proudly carry A Plastic Planets Trust Mark on their products. 

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