Solar powered shredding - invitation to an industry showcase event

PSH Environmental, in collaboration with UNTHA UK, will open its doors on 23-24 July to professionals to demonstrate its pioneering solar-powered waste shredding technology and its impact on operational efficiency and sustainability.

As the waste and recycling industry becomes more focused on reducing its carbon emissions, Norwich-based PSH Environmental has taken a significant step towards sustainable operations. The company recently installed an array of 798 solar panels at its facility, with the capacity to generate up to 400kW of energy. These panels have allowed PSH Environmental to power its shredder and achieve a level of energy self-sufficiency for most of the year.

At the centre of PSH Environmental's waste processing operations is the UNTHA XR3000C mobil-e, a 38-tonne shredder designed and manufactured by industrial shredder specialist UNTHA, that has been now deployed across six continents since coming onto the market in 2014.

The successful integration of solar energy and advanced shredding technology at PSH Environmental is down to a long-standing collaboration between the company and UNTHA, resulting in a solution that can annually process over 100,000 tonnes of challenging waste materials. This pioneering installation significantly reduces PSH Environmental's carbon footprint and achieves substantial cost savings, with the company cutting its energy costs by up to 75 per cent and reducing its overall expenditure by £100,000 per year.

When solar power is insufficient, the shredder seamlessly transitions to zero-carbon electricity sourced from the grid. The XR3000C is equipped with 90mm chip breakers and 130mm waste baskets, allowing for the efficient processing of wood waste into the correct fraction size for use in local biomass plants. The 130mm basket also enables the reduction of density in bulky and C/I waste, creating a high-quality refuse-derived fuel for use in energy-from-waste plants.

PSH Environmental's  waste management began two years ago when the company underwent a period of heavy reinvestment. This included the construction of a new 2,000ft² building, a 40 per cent extension to the yard, as well as the installation of the solar power system. By bringing the shredding process in-house, PSH Environmental has not only improved efficiency but also reduced its emissions, as waste material no longer needs to be transported to another facility for processing.

To showcase its achievements and share insights with industry professionals, PSH Environmental, in partnership with UNTHA UK, is hosting a two-day event on 23-24 July.

The event will offer attendees:

- Tours of the facility, including the solar installation and the UNTHA XR3000C mobil-e shredder
- Live demonstrations of waste processing for alternative fuel production and wood shredding for biomass
- Displays of smaller machines, inner workings, and spare parts
- Insights into how PSH Environmental's solar vision became a reality
- Expert commentary and Q&A sessions with shredding specialists
- Refreshments throughout the event

With an investment of nearly £8m in its pioneering site and plans for continued innovation, PSH Environmental is setting an example for the waste management industry. The company's success in integrating solar power and electric shredding technology demonstrates the potential for sustainable waste processing and its impact on both operational efficiency and the environment.

To see PSH Environmental's solar-powered waste processing facility and UNTHA's advanced shredding technology in action, register for the upcoming showcase event.