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Organisations urged to adopt Waste Pledge

The 2020 Climate Group has called on Scottish organisations to prepare for the new Waste (Scotland) Regulations now to ‘address any initial challenges’ and ‘share experience and best practice’.

Already adopted by 40 organisations, the group’s ‘Waste Pledge’ urges non-domestic waste producers to take steps now to ensure that they are prepared for when the regulations come into effect on 1 January 2014.

Ian Marchant, Chair of the 2020 Climate Group, said: “Leading by example is one of our founding principles and adopting these regulations early is a sensible decision, to address any initial challenges and share our experience and best practice.

“I would encourage all organisations in Scotland to show their support by signing up on our website and also review their waste streams and recycling arrangements to work towards compliance with the regulations.”

Michael Tracey MBE, Managing Director for WM Tracey Group and Co-Chair of the 2020 Waste and Resources subgroup, added: “It is important for business to know what the implications will be when the new regulations come into force and 2020 members will encourage other organisations to engage with their customers and supply chains to make sure they understand the business benefits and positive impact that early adoption can have on resource use, efficiency, profitability and carbon emissions.”

The Waste Pledge has been welcomed by Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland, who commented: “The waste regulations in Scotland will be a game-changer. They will open up new economic opportunities, from recycling or reusing valuable items that currently go to waste, and by incentivising organisations to use resources more efficiently and save money in the process. 

“Those benefits are attainable now – there is no need to wait until the regulations come into force – so we fully endorse this initiative from the 2020 Group and would urge as many organisations as possible to take this pledge and commit work towards zero waste today.” 

Regulation details

The new Waste (Scotland) Regulations require all non-domestic waste producers to ensure the separate collection of metal, plastic, glass, paper and card (including cardboard). Food businesses in many parts of Scotland are also required to provide for the separate collection of their food waste by 2014 if they produce more than 50 kilogrammes (kg) per week (extending to those producing more than 5kg by 2016).

Brought into effect to help deliver the Scottish Government’s plan of recycling 70 per cent of waste and sending a maximum of five per cent of waste to landfill by 2025, it is hoped the regulations will save money (from landfill tax costs and reducing reliance on raw materials), create jobs and ‘grow Scotland’s recycling and reprocessing industry’.

According to Scotland’s waste prevention plan, ‘Safeguarding Scotland’s Resources’, by conserving resources and creating a more ‘resource efficient and circular economy’, the country could save £2.9 billion. The plan aims to cut all waste in Scotland by seven per cent by 2017 and 15 per cent by 2025.

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