WRAP registers as a charity

WRAP registers as a charity

The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has officially registered as a charity.

The government-funded body first announced its decision to move to become a charity in February (when the Scottish branch of WRAP, Zero Waste Scotland, also announced it was breaking away from the main WRAP body to become a separate company), following increasing cuts from central government.

Indeed, it was revealed that for the seven years running to 2015/16, central government would have reduced WRAP’s funding by 72 per cent (£40.5 million) due to ‘pressure on public finances’. As such, WRAP decided to pursue a bid for charitable status, to ‘access to a new source of funding’.

This morning, WRAP announced that its application to the Charity Commission has been approved, and that it is now registered as a charity.

Becoming a registered charity marks a clear line in the sand’

Speaking of the announcement, Dr Liz Goodwin, CEO of WRAP, said:

“While much of WRAP’s work has always been charitable in nature, registering as a charity cements this philosophy by giving us more scope to explore new ways of working and develop new ideas. It also opens up opportunities to access new sources of funding through foundations and trusts.

“WRAP is valued for its role in bringing different groups together, to drive change, and I believe we are better able to play that role as a charity.”

Developing on these thoughts in her online blog, Goodwin added: ‘[To] safeguard our future we need to be able to negotiate new paths to funding. This is vital because we can no longer rely on two or three sources of funding to sustain our work. I say this not as complaint, but a reality of the times. So being able to access funding from relevant trusts and foundations and from corporate responsibility schemes, is an important and logical step.

‘We value very much our role and work with governments – and long may it continue. But we are not part of government, so becoming a registered charity marks a clear line in the sand… But our successful registration is just the start, we now need to continue doing what we do well, and adapt to new opportunities to make us even better. Only then can we truly maximise all that WRAP has to offer.’

Find out more about WRAP’s decision to become a charity.

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