WasteAid Week established to raise funds for global waste projects

WasteAid UK wins award for Gambia work
A week to raise funds for sustainable waste management activities in communities in developing countries with no formal waste management has been set up for next month by WasteAid UK.

The charity, which was set up in 2015 to help establish clean and resourceful waste management processes in developing countries, is launching WasteAid Week (7-13 November) to encourage a range of fundraising activities to support its projects.

In preparation for the week, WasteAid has produced a fundraisers’ pack with a list of activity ideas, sponsorship forms, a fundraisers’ toolkit and a poster for promoting WasteAid events.

According to the charity, every £1 invested in waste management in developing countries saves up to £10 in improved health, livelihoods and flood prevention.

Project background

Around 40 per cent of the world’s waste is not collected or treated, with open dumping and burning of waste causing many serious health problems and pollution of the environment. Implementing simple solid waste management practices can mitigate these risks, make greater use of resources and provide jobs that can prove very valuable in areas of severe economic deprivation.

WasteAid UK works in partnership with community organisations to raise awareness of the importance of waste management and share simple recycling techniques that improve environmental conditions and provide communities with replicable ways of turning waste into a source of income.

WasteAid UK wins award for Gambia work
This summer, the charity was awarded a National Energy Globe Award for its work in The Gambia, where it has trained 50 waste entrepreneurs in five different communities in practical reprocessing skills that turn items like plastic bags, leaf litter and food waste into products that can be used in the community (right).

‘Help spread decent waste management skills around the world’

Mike Webster, the charity’s director, said: “This is the first WasteAid Week and we’re inviting everyone to take part so we can make a positive global impact. Whatever activity you choose, the money you raise will help spread decent waste management skills around the world

“Half the world’s waste isn’t properly managed. Open dumping and burning of waste causes serious health problems, as well as contributing to global mega-issues like marine plastics and climate change. That’s why sharing simple waste management and recycling skills is hugely worthwhile and a very affordable approach.”

WasteAid Week established to raise funds for global waste projectsZoë Lenkiewicz of WasteAid UK added: “We’re aiming to have dozens of events take place in the week for WasteAid, all raising funds to help improve waste management globally. We’re inviting you to help us make a big noise and let the world know that waste matters!

“If you’re organising an event in your workplace or community, let us know by emailing [email protected] and tweeting your event with the hashtag #wastematters.”

More information about WasteAid UK can be found on the charity’s website.

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