Startup eliminates plastic through sustainable paper cup

Hong Kong-based startup Choose Planet A has pioneered a plastic-free sustainable paper cup, using a one-piece fold-over design for its lid.

Paper cupThe company’s Good Cup features an extension to the traditional structure of a paper cup, integrating a lid that folds and locks into place, eliminating the presence and need for a plastic lid.

The Good Cup is produced in collaboration with EnvoPAP, an agri-waste paper that uses renewable sources – like sugarcane waste – rather than wood, reducing the cup’s environmental footprint whilst still delivering an industry-leading product.

Annually, the globe produces over 500 billion single-use plastic and paper cups, generating a total of one million tonnes of waste through plastic lids alone. These lids are often produced using polypropylene or polystyrene, which are petroleum-based plastics that are often complicated to recycle.

Choose Planet A’s objective through the Good Cup is to eradicate the use of plastic in takeaway cups. The cup is 100 per cent paper with zero plastic coating, streamlining the recycling process and creating a fully green drinking experience.

Choose Planet A estimates that if just 10 million of their cups are consumed in place of traditional plastic lid cups, 43,250 kilograms of plastic can be saved.

The startup was recently celebrated at London Packaging Week. The company’s recyclable and home-compostable cup was one of six inaugural winners of the Packaging Startup Awards, taking home the award for ‘Increased Functionality’.

Removing plastic lids from paper cups

The idea to remove plastic lids from takeaway cups was inspired by co-founder and designer Cyril Drouet’s experience at a music festival 15 years ago. Seeing first-hand the enormous waste problem experienced at these events, Drouet set out to improve the sustainability of the single-use cup.

Drouet then spent a decade producing and testing prototypes, collaborating with some of Asia’s biggest paper cup manufacturers.

Choose Planet A estimates that The Good Cup offers an estimated 10 to 20 per cent cost saving over the use of plastic lids, whilst also providing a 25 to 35 per cent over paper ones.

The startup claims that The Good Cup has numerous applications. Though most commonly used for hot and cold drinks, the configuration of the cup also means it is suitable to hold various hot and cold food items, such as french fries, wraps or chicken nuggets.