SITA UK changes name to SUEZ Environnement

SITA UK changes name to SUEZ Environnement

SITA UK, the UK-based recycling and waste management subsidiary of the global SUEZ environnement Group, will henceforth be known as the Recycling & Waste Recovery UK division of SUEZ environnement, after the group announced today (12 March) that all of its different brands and trademarks across water and waste management will unite under a single name.

SUEZ environnement operates in more than 70 countries under more than 40 different names, including SITA, Degrémont, Lyonnaise des Eaux, AGBAR, Aqualogy, United Water, Ondeo Industrial Solutions, and SAFEGE.

However, from today, the various water and waste management companies will join together under the SUEZ environnementt brand name, along with the tagline ‘Securing together a more sustainable future for all’.

SITA UK will immediately become the Recycling & Waste Recovery UK division of SUEZ environnement, but physical changes to branded assets, such as vehicle branding and the company website, will be made over the next couple of years as part of a phased roll-out.  

Group organisation

The SUEZ environnement Group has stated that henceforth, the group’s positioning will focus on the sustainable management of resources, through four main activities:

  • the recycling and reuse of waste;
  • the management of the extended water cycle;
  • water treatment solutions;  and
  • consulting services for sustainable urban and regional development.

It will also have three major goals:

  • to ‘simplify a multi-brand structure for improved performance and commercial efficiency’;
  • to ‘meet the needs of customers as they face new environmental and societal challenges’; and
  • to ‘reinforce the convergence between the group’s activities as it addresses the challenges of a circular economy’.

‘A global and coherent offer of solutions for optimised resource management’

David Palmer-Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Recycling & Waste Recovery UK at SUEZ environnement (formerly SITA UK), commented: “We are very pleased to join the other business units within our global group in uniting under a single global brand today. The new positioning of our group places the circular economy at its heart, and this is a concept that we, in the UK, have transformed our business around in recent years.”

Jean Louis Chaussade, Group Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ environnement, added: “The resource revolution will bring about a major and deep-seated transformation of our societies, much like the industrial or digital revolutions. So the group must be ready to meet its customers’ future needs and converge its activities in order to anticipate and support these changes.”

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