SATCoL launches IT Reuse scheme to give second-hand devices new life

Trading arm of charity invests in expertise and infrastructure to offer free of charge service for businesses to securely recycle laptops, PC, phones and tablets.

SATCoL, the trading arm of The Salvation Army, has announced the launch of its new IT Reuse scheme, which provides businesses with a free, secure, and environmentally friendly way to dispose of their unwanted IT equipment. The scheme aims to give second-hand devices a new lease of life by securely wiping data and repurposing them for resale.

As the largest charity-owned textiles collector in the UK, SATCoL has been working with brand partners, local authorities, and schools to extend the useful life of products and lessen their environmental impact. The new IT Reuse scheme is an extension of this mission, focusing on laptops, PCs, phones, and tablets.

Businesses can donate their IT equipment to SATCoL by completing a web form, which ensures the correct information is provided to schedule a secure collection. The form includes a DIAL rating (Data Impact Assurance Level) that informs SATCoL how the donation should be processed. All collections are carried out by Salvation Army, GPS-tracked vehicles, with data-bearing items locked in secure crates until they reach the IT Reuse facility.

SATCoL uses sophisticated software to destroy data from donated devices, ensuring everything is removed to the UK standard, including the UK Police standard HMG Infosec Standard 5, which is certified by the National Cyber Security Centre, as well as other world standards in the US and Europe.

SATCoL IT Reuse banner

Richard Shea, Service Development Manager at Salvation Army Trading Company, said: "We are excited to offer a charity owned ITAD service, which is committed to repurposing devices that will support those digitally excluded. Our service offers a high-level destruction of data and gives our generous donors the security of knowing their unwanted devices will benefit both the community and planet, at the same time."

Donated equipment in good condition, preferably with associated power cables and accessories, is preferred. However, SATCoL also accept older items. Reusable items will have their data removed and a working operating system installed, while items that cannot be reused will be physically destroyed and dismantled for recycling. Certificates are provided for each method of destruction.

The repurposed devices are distributed to SATCoL's 240 retail outlets and sold via a dedicated e-commerce platform, making them available to those in need of IT devices. Funds raised from the resale are donated to The Salvation Army to support their work with vulnerable people in the UK.

SATCoL's IT Reuse scheme is fully funded by the organisation, potentially reducing costs for businesses currently paying for IT reuse services. By donating to SATCoL, businesses can securely dispose of their IT equipment, support those in need, and contribute to reducing environmental impact.

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