Novamont launches iPhone recycling game for children

A recycling game for children has been released by Italian bioplastics company Novamont in the form of an iPhone app.

Through the game, which is called ‘Food Scrap Recycling Truck’, Novamont aims to promote the environmental significance and benefits of recycling and composting food waste.

Players have the opportunity to customise their recycling truck and driver, operate the heavy loader and windrow turner to make the compost rows and visit the lab to learn more about composting.

Another part of the game allows young users to drive their truck through the neighbourhood, collecting food scraps for composting and sorting food waste into compostable bags.

Paul Darby, Head of Marketing at Novamont North America, said: “94 per cent of all food scraps produced on average in the US (38 million tonnes) and 84 per cent in Europe (50 million tonnes) is still incinerated or buried in landfill where it releases methane, a 25-times more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

“Our new ‘Food Scrap Recycling Truck’ app teaches kids about household waste source separation and the value of producing compost that can help to return nutrients to the soil, capture CO2 and regenerate our land.”

Novamont was recently awarded with a B Corp Certification, a title that verifies the business as socially and environmentally responsible. The new app forms part of Novamont’s bioeconomy model to promote awareness of sustainable practices, particularly in the recovery and treatment of biowaste.

The app, which was developed by Goodglue Studios in the USA, is available for download on iPhones and iPads.