Business in Brief – 01/09/22

Eco Sustainable Solutions heads clean up at Boomtown Festival

Eco Sustainable Solutions (Eco), an UK-based organic recycling organisation, has partnered with Boomtown Festival to handle the clean-up of this year’s festivities.

Food waste at Eco and Boomtown site

In line with the organisers’ pledge to become a circular festival with net-zero scope 1 and 2  GHG emissions by 2025, the partnership is one step towards Boomtown operating a circular economy.

Following the event, Eco transported all food waste from the festival to its anaerobic digestion plant near Dorchester, where it was used to create biogas and converted into renewable energy. According to the organisation, the energy produced from Boomtown’s waste was enough to power 30 homes for a day.

Boomtown’s organisers commented: “The work Eco’s done is really amazing and it all helps us to fulfil our green deal circular festival pledge that we signed in 2019 to become a certified green festival. The amount of food waste Eco has turned into energy is wonderful and we hope this partnership sets the bar for other festivals to follow suit and go green.”

Tristan Dampney, Marketing Manager at Eco, added: “Recycling and repurposing waste is a huge factor to events becoming greener. It’s much more than just rubbish to our team here at Eco, we see it as potential for completely sustainable green power.”

RECOUP announces finalists for first Plastics Recycling Awards  

Plastics recycling charity RECOUP has recently announced the finalists for its inaugural Plastics Recycling Awards. The awards aim to recognise those who are ‘pushing the boundaries’ within the recycling industry, such as in opportunities for recycled content and innovations in recyclability and resource efficiency.

All finalists will have the opportunity to showcase their nominated projects at RECOUP’s upcoming conference, penned for 29 September. The conference will conclude with the announcement of this year’s winner.

RECOUP’s CEO, Stuart Foster, said: “Ensuring recyclability of packaging and products, and manufacturing new products with recycled plastics are two key elements of a successful plastic recycling system.

“With the intention to significantly increase plastic recycling as part of a circular economy model, there is an ongoing need to showcase and promote innovations to increase recyclability, and practical applications of recycled plastics into both closed and open loop products.

WRAP opens first Asia-Pacific office in Australia

Today (1 September), climate NGO WRAP has opened the doors on its newest office in Adelaide, Australia, its first location in the Asia-Pacific region. Opened in partnership with Fight Food Waste Australia, the new office will enable the organisation to expand its work into the region, including countries like China, Indonesia, and the Pacific Islands.

The move follows recent work already carried out by WRAP throughout the region, including Love Food Hate Waste International, Plastic Pacts in Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand, and the Malaysia Sustainable Plastics Alliance.

Claire Kneller, WRAP’s Asia-Pacific Managing Director, said: “I’m thrilled to be leading WRAP’s first overseas office and to be able to share WRAP’s expertise and experience in the race to net-zero. I’m excited to be able to work closely with our partners in the region, and to seek out new, game changing initiatives that will help us address climate change.”

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