On the write track

Hands up: Who’s still got a pile of Christmas thank-you notes to write? Well, to make your task a bit more pleasant, Nick Livermore has gathered together a selection of ethical and environmental writing implements

Branching out
re-sourceful twig pensMade by Re-Sourceful, which develops ‘ethical promotional gifts’, these pens are carved from ‘naturally shaped, sustainably sourced timber’ from European forests, and offer a refreshing change to your average plastic offering. They are naturally shaped, so if you’ve got concerns about pen ergonomics these may well be the way to go.

Corny writing
corn starch pensRemarkable has developed a range of dashing pens, which it says are sustainably made from biodegradable cornstarch. To make plastic, the corn is cooked and fermented before undergoing a process of polymerisation. These ‘Biodegradable Cob’ pens form part of the company’s ‘I used to be...’ series of office supplies and can be ordered online for the bargain price of £1.75. What’s more, when the ink runs out, the end-of-life options are numerous, as the plastic manufacturer claims it can be composted or is ‘compatible with existing recycling systems’.

Dress to impress
ecoincentives denim pencilWearing denim is so 2004, but writing with it is now somewhat in vogue. Made from recycled denim mixed with recycled plastic, these pencils have the potential to save the fashion unconscious from the embarrassment of owning a full denim suit. Depending on your love of denim you can order these stylish pencils from Eco Incentives for 30p each if you order 500, or 20p each if you order 10,000. Don’t know where to keep all of these pencils? See below for the answer everyone’s looking for.

In the case
woven caseMade from recycled juice packs, this woven pencil case available from allows you to transport your writing equipment in style. What’s more, the items are manufactured by an award-winning women’s cooperative in the Philippines, which has been commended for its contribution to both waste recycling and employment generation. Indeed, by employing women to make these products, the group prevents vast quantities of juice packs from being burnt, buried, or scattered though the streets and waterways every year. Currently on sale, the pencil case can be yours for just £2.49.

Hold news
pen holdersIn an effort to mitigate the stress levels associated with the age-old problem about where to put one’s pens, Eco-Oiko have developed a new range of sustainably produced pencil holders. The holders, made from recycled newspaper, are handcrafted by women in small Sri Lankan communities and therefore not only free office space of unnecessary clutter, but also support Sri Lankans displaced as a result of a tsunami. All of this for a trifling £3.99.