Into the woods

If the government eventually goes through with banning wood waste from landfill, we’ll need to find something to do with all our waste beams, boards, panels and rafters. Here are some ideas that are already on the market

Fine print

Coulson Macleod o Fine printCoulson Macleod, makers of typographic art prints, have created a ‘Winter Trees’ collection, featuring distressed images and typography printed over hand-painted reclaimed wood panels. The frames are made from salvaged Victorian roof timbers, usually from demolished factories, but also from houses and other sources. The craftsman sources them directly from demolition companies, travelling the country to find the perfect specimens that are then coated with chalky matt emulsion paint before the distressed tree image is applied. No two frames are exactly alike, as they come in different sizes and retain many of the original defects. ‘Thick Blows My Frosty Breath Abroad’ can be yours for £149.

As uncommon as muck

Uncommonly Beutiful - BroochUncommonly Beautiful is ‘an anti-landfill fashion accessory label’ established in 2006 by designer-maker, Kirsty Kirkpatrick. All items are hand-made in the East London studio using low-tech techniques and come in recycled gift boxes. One-off and limited edition pieces are made from abandoned furniture, wine boxes, suitcases, scrap leather, broken jewellery and fashion industry waste. The company offers a wide selection of recycled wooden jewellery; we particularly like the Oval Baroque Brooch, which is made from reclaimed light vintage wood from waste furniture and comes in various colours. £20

Off the hook

Not on the high street - Coat hangerEvery house needs a coat hook, but it doesn’t have to be a functional, soulless one. The charmingly rustic Reclaimed Wooden Coat Hook by MöA is handmade from reclaimed solid wood gathered, for the most part, from construction sites in southwest London. A spokesperson explains: “[We ask] the various foremen for permission to take the unwanted timber; in most cases they are delighted for us to help reduce their
cost of disposals, and we take it for free (and therefore reduce unwanted waste heading to landfill).” The items are handmade and can come with two to eight hooks to suit your needs. Available for £60 from

Sweetness and light

Artisanti - Tealight holderFor those of you who’ve romantically embraced the boho-chic trend, Artisanti has created a way to gently accentuate your evenings with a bit of stylish, sustainable mood lighting. The Ridgewood Reclaimed Wood Tealight Holder is made from weathered reclaimed fir wood and holds four tealight glasses. Suitable for use in a cosy living room or at an outdoor garden party, it’s £20 from