Glamorous and Green

As more and more top designers go eco, sustainable fashion is slowly making its way into our wardrobes. Leonie Bennett looks at a few eco-warrior essentials.


GreenKnickers believes it's what's inside that counts, so it makes organic and fair trade knickers. The knickers are designedto be fun and sexy as well as kind to people and planet. The 'understatement' pants are embroidered with the rather risqué 'Eat Organic' and are available as women's knickers or men's boxers. Meanwhile, the global warming knickers are hand printed with thermochromic inks - as the knickers warm up, the sea overcomes the land to illustrate the effects of global warming! The two styles cost £25 each (plus £3 postage and packaging to UK, £8 to Europe and £10 international) and are available in UK sizes 8 to 18.



Hoping to improve its green credentials, Levi's has launched a new line of environmentally friendly denim. Levi's Eco are made from 100 per cent organic cotton; the button on the waistband is made from coconut shell; there are no metal rivets; the dye is made from natural compounds and the label is made from recycled cardboard. As the factory is in Hungary, the cotton comes from Turkey (the nearest available source) and other materials will be sourced from Europe, in order to cut down on long distance transport and associated fuel costs. The jeans are available now, priced £85.



Founded in 2001, Beyond Skin is an ethical footwear label producing beautiful, classic, hand-made vegan and vegetarian shoes. Wherever possible, the company is committed to sourcing the most eco-friendly, natural fabric alternatives. Beyond Skin's latest creation, the new Revival range, uses a unique selection of recycled textiles sourced from around the UK. Swatches will be available to select online to create your very own exclusive pair of hand-made shoes whilst contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. Prices start from £160.



Every year in the UK, 900,000 tonnes of textiles are thrown into landfills. Since 2003, Terra Plana (TP) has been making eco-friendly shoes. Meanwhile, Anti-Apathy (AA) has always looked for ways of working that could improve labour standards, help deal with climate change and address issues of global trade and sustainability. In 2004, AA and TP decided to make shoes together for people who want good-looking feet without a guilty conscience. The result was Worn Again - a gorgeous, sexy, guilt-free shoe made from car seats, prison blankets, coffee bags, firemen's trousers and jeans. The trainers are available online or at Terra Plana's two London shops. Price: £65.



As environmentalism becomes a buzzword in the fashion arena, clothing designers  are turning to fabrics like organic cotton, hemp and bamboo that are kinder to the environment. Bam Bamboo clothing makes casual and sportswear from, you've guessed it, bamboo. It even plants a tree for every product sold. As the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo grows to its maximum height in about three months and reaches maturity in three to four years. It spreads rapidly across large areas and is known to improve soil quality in degraded and eroded areas of land, making it a truly sustainable crop. Prices: £25-38.