ACE UK launches recycling benefits package

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The Alliance for Beverage Cartons & the Environment (ACE) UK has launched a benefits package aimed at helping local authorities promote beverage carton recycling in the UK. 

According to ACE UK, the country uses around 60,000 tonnes of paper-based cartons per year, however just 50 per cent of local authorities currently offer kerbside collections for the material. 

The package forms parts of ACE UK’s work to increase beverage carton recycling across the UK, reduce the amount of beverages sent to landfill, and lower carbon dioxide emissions through reduced transport miles and the promotion of the use of the UK’s upcoming beverage carton recycling facility at the Sonoco Alcore paper recycling facility near Halifax, West Yorkshire. 

Package details

Available from the ACE UK website, the package comprises an interactive map, a resources toolkit, and ‘Golden Carton’ Awards. 

The interactive map shows the beverage carton recycling services available in each UK local authority area, and highlights those local authorities who have already signed up through a ‘Wall of Fame’ pop-up. The map also provides information for residents who want to find out what happens to their beverage cartons once they have been collected. 

The resources toolkit includes a number of factsheets, case studies, photographs and videos, which can be downloaded from the media centre. According to ACE UK, these materials are designed to be used ‘to educate, inform and engage people in beverage carton recycling’. 

There is also a range of more specialised templates and resources available on request, including press release templates, beverage carton recycling images, press advert templates, posters, and promotional giveaways. 

Local authorities signing up to use the Sonoco Alcore facility (so far around 187) will also be eligible to enter the ACE UK annual Golden Carton Awards, which according to ACE UK, will ‘recognise those local authorities achieving the biggest improvements in beverage carton recycling’. Categories include local authorities that already run kerbside collection services for beverage cartons, those new to recycling cartons at kerbside, and the best carton communications campaign. 

Speaking of the package, Fay Dashper, Recycling Operations Manager at ACE UK, said: “By recycling beverage cartons, local authorities can increase the amount of household waste recycled, diverting material away from landfill, avoiding disposal costs and reducing associated greenhouse gas emissions. 

“While figures show that great progress is being made in the UK, there is still a long way to go and this benefits package is aimed at incentivising further engagement with beverage carton recycling, both with local authorities and residents.”  

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