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Coco-Cola re-launches festival recycling campaign


Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. (CCE) is set to re-launch its festival recycling initiative, known as ‘Happiness Recycled’, across two British festivals this summer as part of its attempt to ‘encourage sustainable behaviour change in consumers and boost recycling rates across Great Britain’.

Launched in 2013, CCE claim that around a fifth (22 per cent) of surveyed consumers who took part in the scheme last year said they ‘recycled more since seeing Happiness Recycled’.

As such, the scheme will run again this year, featuring at the Royal Highland Show in Scotland, from 19-22 June, and at British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park, London on the 12-13 July.

It is hoped the campaign will ‘bring fun and excitement to the recycling process’ during these events through the use of specially designed ‘interactive bins’ taking the form of recycling games.

Happiness Recycled details

Consumers and festival-goers will have the opportunity to try out two new games alongside last years’ ‘basketball shooting challenge’ and ‘giant interactive flower pot recycling bin’.

The new games include a table football station, where plastic bottles must be recycled before the ball is released, and a ‘Batak performance challenge’ where players will have to react to light sensors to recycle as much as possible in 30 seconds.

To complete the ‘feel-good festival recycling’ experience, successful participants are to be congratulated by a ‘flash mob’ of CCE performers and given a memento photo to take home or share online via social media.

Alongside the re-launch, CCE has announced a collaboration with supermarket chain Asda, which will see CCE staff stationed at 18 Asda stores across Scotland to ‘engage with shoppers on the initiative’ and further encourage household recycling. In addition, customers will be offered a free magnetic fridge wheel in order to help overcome ‘confusion about which materials can and can’t be recycled at home’.

‘Making consumers feel good about recycling’

Commenting on the re-launch of the scheme, Nick Brown, Associate Director for Recycling at CCE, said: “CCE is committed to improving recycling rates across GB, and a crucial part of this is encouraging positive behaviour change amongst consumers.

“We have a strong track record in developing impactful campaigns and have found summer festivals to be a great platform for engaging people in a fun and memorable way.

“The Happiness Recycled campaign is designed to make consumer feel good about recycling, incentivising recycling on the move whilst also encouraging people to do more at home.”

‘Green’ Coca-Cola

CCE have also recently announced that they will be releasing Coca-Cola LifeTM in Great Britain, with the drink being made available to consumers ‘later this year’.

The ‘lower-calorie’ drink claims to contain a third less sugar and a third fewer calories than regular cola and is sweetened using a blend of sugar and ‘naturally-sourced’ stevia leaf extract.

Further, the 500 millilitre (ml) bottle of Coca-Cola Life will be packaged using PlantBottle plastic – a material made using ‘up to 22.5 per cent plant materials combined with up to 25 per cent recycled plastic’. (However, CCE asserts that all packs will be ‘fully recyclable’ and ‘both the 330ml can and 1.75 litre PET bottle will contain recycled materials’.)

The product was originally piloted in Argentina and Chile last year, and its release into Great Britain this year will be the first time it has been seen in Europe.

CCE also hopes that the launch of the new product will ‘boost local production’, as the drink will be produced in CCE’s factories in East Kilbride, Edmonton, Wakefield and Sidcup.

Speaking about the launch of the new product, Nick Canney, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CCE, said: “The launch of Coca-Cola Life is an important part of our ongoing commitment to offer consumer choice for every occasion and meet changing lifestyle trends.

“Coca-Cola Life will sit alongside Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero, and is a truly differentiated proposition within the portfolio, providing consumers that are looking for a great tasting lower calorie cola with sweetness from natural sources.”

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