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Bryson’s ‘Wheelie Box’ increases recycling by 30%

Newtonabbey Borough Council in Northern Ireland has witnessed an increase in recycling rates by 30 per cent during a trial of Bryson Recycling’s ‘Wheelie Box’ by 4,000 households.

Created by Bryson Recycling, the Wheelie Box is a series of stackable kerbside boxes manufactured by Straight PLC and, according to Bryson, is ‘one of the most significant recycling innovations in recent years’.

Indeed, the company states that there was also a 16 per cent increase in recycling participation during the trial.

It is predicted that Northern Ireland could potentially exceed the EU recycling targets of 50 per cent by adopting the new Wheelie Box and using reduced capacity wheeled bins for residual waste across the country.

Bryson Recycling, which is part of the Bryson Charitable Group, has been active in the recycling industry for over 20 years and it operates a weekly kerbside collection to over 170,000 households across Northern Ireland.

“Enormous potential”

Eric Randall, Director of Bryson Recycling said: “The Wheelie Box is more user friendly and provides extra room for a range of high-quality recyclable goods which can be recycled locally. During the trial, 98 per cent of householders indicated that they were satisfied with the new service.”

The trial in Newtonabbey is one of a number of trials of Bryson’s Wheelie Box that are occurring in Northern Ireland and Wales.

Randall continued: “The success of the new design has led to the Bryson model being used as a reference point for councils in the UK with the Welsh Government adopting the approach in their recycling ‘blue print’.

“We believe the Wheelie Box has enormous potential to be rolled out across Northern Ireland and the UK, and are delighted to be at the forefront of this exciting innovation.

Environment Minister Mark H Durkan MLA added: “The results from the pilots of the new system are very positive and the Wheelie Boxes do seem to produce a high-quality of materials that can be recycled locally. This is good for the environment, sustains local jobs and supports our local economy.”

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