Issue 96

Recycled content: Let's talk about tax

Domestic markets for recycled plastics are struggling to take hold, with policy-makers scratching their heads over how to stimulate demand. Rob Cole examines the government’s proposed 'plastics tax' and asks whether it will achieve its desired outcome

An eye on the markets: Uncertain times for textiles

Alan Wheeler, Director of the Textile Recycling Association, considers how changes at home and abroad are influencing the textiles market

Professor Richard Thompson talks to Resource about marine plastic pollution,

Plastic waste of all shapes and sizes is now ubiquitous in the oceans. Resource talks to marine litter expert Professor Richard Thompson about how microplastics have infiltrated the natural environment – and how we might solve the crisis

Taking a bite out of food waste in Bristol

Bristol has seen a remarkable increase in food waste collections since it implemented an attention-grabbing new communications campaign. Kate Dickinson reports.

A man stands in the midst of a sea of plastic waste in Cameroon.

Cath Wilson and Zoë Lenkiewicz of WasteAid present the recycling charity’s new fundraising appeal, Widening the Net, which is being match-funded by the UK Government and will support WasteAid’s work in marginalised communities.

Local residents get involved in a beach clean in Snowdonia

As we journey toward zero waste, the challenge becomes more about capturing hearts and minds. Kate Dickinson talks to grassroots groups in Wales that have created a blueprint for others to follow.

Teresa Arbuckle, Chair of the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA)

Teresa Arbuckle, Chair of the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA), weighs up how reuse and recycling of WEEE affects collection targets

Keeping Portland green

Portland, Oregon, is a regular feature at the top of American and worldwide green city lists, but how are the residents of the city driving sustainability?