Issue 94

Cosmetics: A beautiful waste

The use of cosmetics has become an indelible part of our everyday routines, and so too has the waste that comes with it. Just what is the extent of the beauty industry’s throwaway culture and can it be changed? Kate Dickinson investigates.

WEEE: A year of change

Nigel Harvey, Chief Executive at lighting compliance scheme Recolight, looks ahead to what 2019 has in store for the WEEE sector.

Rags against the machine

Thefts of textile banks and their contents this year have cost the recycling industry and charities hundreds of thousands of pounds – so what are companies doing to combat the problem? Rob Cole finds out.

Taiwan rethinks raw material

This autumn, Taiwan hosted its first trade exhibition and conference dedicated to the circular economy. Charles Newman reports on the innovations that reflect this new focus on managing the flow of waste materials into new products.

Rethinking recycling in East Devon

East Devon District Council is gradually gaining recognition for its environmental credentials following its switch to a hybrid waste collection service. Resource learns more about the council’s approach.

Moving Wales up the waste hierarchy

Wales has long drawn an envious gaze towards its excellent recycling and waste management performance, but what did it take to get there and what more is to be done? Resource talks to Jasper Roberts, Deputy Director of the Welsh Government’s Waste and Resource Efficiency Division, about Wales’ ambitions.

How to recycle biodegradable coffee cups

Coffee cups are notoriously difficult to recycle, and many believe it is better to use alternative materials rather than focus on expensive recycling solutions. But just how environmentally friendly and how much easier to recycle are biodegradable cups?

Eye on the markets: Organic matters

Resource talks to Iain Pickles, Head of Sales at Biogen, about the state of the organics recycling market and its future outlook.

Nigeria's e-waste mountain

As demand for electronic equipment in Nigeria continues to rise, what happens to it at its end of life is increasingly coming under the microscope. Valentine Iwenwanne examines the problem of e-waste disposal and the potential solutions.