Issue 92

Peter Seggie, External Affairs Manager at Smurfit Kappa Recycling UK, sees a positive outlook for the European fibre recycling industry.

Leonie Butler meets up with Natalie Fee of City to Sea to talk plastic and direct action.

Chemical attraction

The damaging effect of cosmetics on the environment was brought into the public eye by the UK ban on microbeads. But what about those less visible, chemical ingredients? 

As Wales leads the way in extending residual waste collections, Kate Dickinson learns how Powys went about introducing three weekly collections back in 2015 and how the council has fared.

Hidden chains

Don’t be fooled into thinking slavery ended in the 19th century with the Abolition Act. Abuse of the vulnerable is happening today, right now, in all sectors of the UK – and the resources industry is no exception. 

Ion the prize

Lithium battery use is on the rise, thanks to the ubiquity of mobile phones and laptops, but does the UK have the capacity to deal with these power sources once they reach end of life? 

How much is enough?

The UK currently lacks the infrastructure capacity needed to treat all of its residual waste domestically, but how much will we need in the future? As the debate heats up, Resource attempts to weigh up both sides.

Urban mining for WEEE

Sarah Downes, External Affairs Manager at REPIC and ProSUM project leader, gives the latest WEEE update.

New Zealand's going all green

A splintered collection market, and landfill-friendly policy has put the green image of New Zealand at risk, but a new government and new thinking is offering fresh shoots of hope for a national turnaround. Ed Perchard reports