Issue 88

What changes can Wales make to ensure its recycling ambitions are more bite than bark?


Welsh recycling performance has been exceptional up to this point - but what will it take to push it up to 80 per cent?

What would it take to recycle 80 per cent?

With Wales' recycling rates racing ahead of England's, is 80 per cent recycling finally an achievable goal for the country?  

Price Index: May - April 2017

See how prices for recovered materials including glass, metal, recovered fibrem, textiles and plastic have changed over the past year.

In rare form

Our reliance on rare earth elements in our gadget-hungry world is growing, but at what cost?

Industrial Symbiosis: One man's waste...

When it comes to being resource efficient, turning a waste stream into a resource is about as good as it gets, and always has been. Why, then, is industrial symbiosis an idea that has struggled to gain traction in the UK?

Meet the retailer taking grocery chain waste back to the masses

Approved Food founder Dan Cluderay tells Resource how he’s turning would-be food waste back into a profit with his online clearance food and drink store. 

Beach waste ready

With awards and acclaim arriving left and centre, what is it that South Ayrshire Council's Beach Restoration Project is getting so right?

Through the mill

Simon Walker, Head of RCP UK at paper company UPM provides an update on the recycled paper market and what impact China's National Sword campaign is likely to have.

Peak lamp WEEE

What is behind the decline in fluorescent lamp waste and what consequences could it have?

How Bogotá’s recicladores are picking a fight (for inclusion)

As the city rises up the development index, Bogotá’s waste services are undergoing structural transformation. Now Colombia’s waste-picking recicladores are fighting to play their part as services are commercialised.