Issue 87

Hot 100 2016: Who are the shining stars of waste?

We asked you who is playing a starring role in the world of resources. And the winner is...

Should we be worried about England's falling recycling rate?

Recently, England’s household recycling rate fell for the first time since records began, but should we be panicking about it? Eunomia consultant Peter Jones analyses the stats


The Restart Project: Repair in the community

The Restart Project is bringing the circular economy to the grass roots, with community repair events helping people fix their technology and build skills, confidence and networks.

USA: Is Trump hindering the land of recycling opportunity?

With the election of Donald Trump, it’s fair to say that America (and the rest of the world) has been plunged into turmoil. But what does this mean for America’s resource industry?

Equipping universities for sustainability

Universities lead the way in research, but not always when it comes to sustainability. The UniGreenScheme aiming to change all that by reusing laboratory waste as part of a circular economy. 


Smart streets: How the Internet of Things is revolutionising waste

The urban environment is getting more sentient, changing how we go about our daily lives. How could the digital revolution could change the world of resources?

Legislative update: Landfill tax rebates for biodegradable waste

Angus Evers considers a recent Court of Appeal ruling in a long-running saga involving a Scottish landfill site operator that requested a landfill tax rebate for biodegradable waste that was used to generate electricity after being deposited

WasteAid UK: Helping communities tackle the waste crisis in West Africa

With three billion people in the world lacking access to decent waste management services, WasteAid UK is sharing skills so communities can tackle the waste crisis themselves.

Mermaids Hate Plastic: Anatomy of an anti-marine litter social media campaign

San Francisco-based artist Von Wong decided to do something about plastic pollution by making it ‘extravagant, unique and different’ through the addition of a mermaid. He shared some of his images and the stories behind them with us.