Issue 85

Swadlincote: The Food Waste Town

Since January this year, the market town of Swadlincote has been testing out ideas for preventing household food waste, with £1 million in investment from Sainsbury’s. Libby Peake visits the town to see how it’s all going

Augmented Reality comes to waste management
What could the future of resource use might look like if everything we saw could be enhanced with layers of digital information?


The rise of the recycling robots
No longer the stuff of science fiction or Pixar films, robots are starting to make inroads into the world of recycling.
Product design for the circular economy

Smart product design holds the key to erasing waste and creating a more circular economy. Edward Perchard talks to a host of experts about ecodesign, extended producer responsibility, and what's holding us back.

Three examples of resource efficient design of everyday products

Eight per cent of a product's environmental impact is determined during its design, so here are three examples of products doing things the right way and desinging out waste.

The Future of sustainable fashion

Fashion in the twenty-first century is far from sustainable – using up vast amounts of resources and damaging the environment, but what's being done to create a sustainable future?

Recycled beauty: raising the bar of photography for the environmental industry

The recycling industry could learn a thing or two from the sleek world of marketing and advertising. American photographer Ellen Callaway is aiming to raise the bar of photography for the environmental industry.


How Fairphone is creating a smart phone for the circular economy

Smart phones are increasingly designed to give up the ghost after a year or two, but Dutch company Fairphone is attempting to change that by putting the power back into the user's hands.

Eye on the markets: Plastic fantastic?

An interview with Chris Hanlon, Commercial Manager of Biffa Polymers, looking at the current state of the plastics market

Resource London: what's being done to make the capital gain ground on the recycling game?

How is Resource London, a new partnership launched to support London’s waste authorities, helping them to save money and recycle more?


The world's greenest football club

Modern football is associated with vast levels of (financial) waste, but Forest Green Rovers are showing that soccer and sustainability can go hand in hand.


Could underground waste collection come to the UK?

Common on the Continent, underground bins are still a relatively rare phenomenon in the UK. But could that be about to change?


Why carbon figures show that Northern Ireland trumps England's recycling efforts

Simon Hann introduces Eunomia’s fourth Local Authority Recycling Carbon Index, examining one of recycling’s key achievements: carbon reduction 


Hydrogen: Fuel of the future?

Using hydrogen as fuel could, in theory, shrink transport emissions to nearly zero. It might sound too good to be true, but strides are already being made to bring it to the world of waste and recycling.

Career file: Mary Creagh MP, Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee

Mary Creagh MP explains what it means to be Chair of Parliament's Environmental Audit Committee and what lessons she has learnt from being part of the government's environmental watchdog. 

Los Angeles: City of zero waste angels

Best known as home to the rich and famous of the film-making industry, Los Angeles is, it turns out, quite committed to the idea of zero waste.

Mr Waste moves on

As he prepares to step down from his role at the head of CIWM, Steve Lee shares his thoughts on the state of the resources industry with Resource, and tells us where we need to go from here