Issue 84

 How ocean plastic pollution is finding its way back to our dinner tables

With awareness growing of the amount of plastic littering our seas, what happens when the material enters the food web, and how does it effect what ends up on our dinner tables?


Latest developments in recycling software

How technology is revolutionising the recycling sector

A match made in waste

Love and marriage might go together like a horse and carriage, but what about waste and partnerships in local government? Leonie Butler reports on the growing number of authorities going it together. 

Does waste have a future?

Dominic Hogg and Mark Hilton consider what a world without conspicuous consumption would look like, and how the coming circular economy will affect today’s waste industry. 

Legislative update: Spring 2016

Angus Evers from King & Wood Mallesons explains new sentencing guidelines for health and safety offences and two recent consultations set to affect the sector. 

How to make everyday waste a fuel for the future: the man turning coffee into gold

With all this talk about coffee cups, we talk to Arthur Kay, founder of biobean, who's turning waste coffee itself into a valuable resource.

WEEE update: 2015 compliance fee

REPIC CEO Dr Philip Morton explains how the 2015 WEEE compliance fee works to improve collection of e-waste.

Charging on the Continent

Though they’re currently banned in the UK, pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) schemes where people pay for how much they use, following the ‘polluter pays’ principle, are popular on the Continent. Jennifer McDowall takes a trip around Europe to find out what we can learn from PAYT practitioners. 


Talking responsibility for WEEE

Resource dials up some electronics producers to see how they view the UK producer responsibility system and what a more circular future will entail. 


Kit Strange Memorial Lecture 2016

Ray Georgeson delivered the third annual Kit Strange Memorial Lecture at the Houses of Parliament at the start of the year, reflecting on the past, present and future of the industry.


Constructing a circular economy

Hannah Boxall looks at infrastructure services company FM Conway to find out how it is building up its recycling portfolio. 


It all stacks up

Resource checks in on one of the first local authorities to embrace the Welsh Government’s Collections Blueprint model, Conwy. 


Multiple benefits

Resource learns about a project to provide Bedouin and Palestinian villages with free biogas, which is also dealing with waste and helping to promote peace in the Middle East.