Issue 83

Hot 100 2015: Waste Wizards

It takes sorcery of a special sort to turn waste into resources, so this year we're celebrating the industry's top 100 'waste wizards', those charming professionals that the voting public can't help but find magical 


Waste to wealth

Pictures from Living Earth Foundation's pan-African Waste to Wealth project, which ran from 2010-2015

Local Authority league table 2014/15

Resource's annual local authority league tables based on waste arisings per capita.

Vital statistics - Local authority league table 2014/15

The years of healthy improvement in recycling rates in all quarters of the UK appear to be over. Analysis of local authorities’ waste management performance in 2014/15 suggests a mixed picture. Charles Newman does the rounds 


Closing the loop

Nearly a year after the initial Circular Economy Package was withdrawn, the European Commission launched a revised proposal in December. Resource discussed the new package with European Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella 


3D vision

The field of 3D printing is expanding rapidly, with new applications and technologies emerging all the time. Libby Peake surveys the scene and describes some of the more significant developments 


The volunteers teaching Britain how to make the perfect compost

To mark National Allotment Week (8-14 August), we look at the volunteer network of Master Composters that are spreading the word of DIY sustainable organic waste.


Nappily ever after?

Following news that absorbent hygiene waste specialist Knowaste is to try again with a new facility in London, Women’s Environmental Network Trustee Hilary Vick asks: Should we welcome the return of nappy recycling? 


End of the road

Two million cars reach the end of their lives in the UK every year. Edward Perchard finds out what happens once your car has reached the end of the road 


Milking resources for all they’re worth

Edward Perchard finds out how cheese and butter maker Wyke Farms has harnessed the power of waste to make its operations 100 per cent self-sufficient 


Monthly collections go on trial in Fife

Fife is the first council in Britain to ‘go monthly’ when it comes to waste collection (at least for a very small selection of its residents). Resource finds out how it’s going 


Legislative update: Winter 2016

Angus Evers from King & Wood Mallesons explains HM Treasury’s recent consultation on reforming business energy taxes and its implications for the waste management industry 


Retreading troubles

Resource learns about a threat to one of the UK’s already existing circular economy success stories: tyre retreading 

Critical work

Lucy Cooper from the Critical Raw Material Recovery Project explains how it is working to recover valuable materials from WEEE


A yen for recycling

The Japanese are famously adept at making electronic equipment, but how good are they at recycling it?