Issue 82

Pushing the right buttons

Recycling systems are in place across the UK, so now we just have to get people to use them. Edward Perchard investigates how campaigns are seeking to drive behaviour change in residents. 


Why it's not so simple to recycle paper cups

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's War on Waste has raised the profile of paper cup waste. We look at recycler Simply Cups to find out how the troublesome product is currently treated.


Waste wood woes

Geoff Hadfield, Managing Director of Hadfield Wood Recyclers, discusses how new regulations are threatening the growing waste wood sector. 

WEEE update: Tricks of the trade

Scott Butler, Regional Director at the European Recycling Platform, comments on how the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership will impact WEEE standards.

Charging ahead

There is increasing consensus in the resource industry that variable charging is a good idea, but what needs to be done to bring it about, and what sort of system would be ideal? Resource convened a roundtable of experts to work out the details and charge ahead with charging. What follows is an excerpt of their conversation. 


One week's waste

For his ‘7 days of garbage’ series, American photographer Gregg Segal asked subjects to collect their waste for a week before lying down to be photographed with it. On the following pages, he shares some powerful results and tells us about the project.

Waste reduction: Just what the doctor ordered

Will Simpson learns how Barts, the largest NHS trust in the UK, has been leading the way when it comes to waste reduction and recycling. 


Keeping it to three

Swansea council has seen success with its initiative to limit the number of black bags residents can throw away. Resource reports. 


Legislative update: Autumn 2015

Angus Evers from King & Wood Mallesons explains the EU Commission’s consultation on the functioning of waste markets in the EU and Defra’s proposals for a revised waste duty of care code of practice. 


Making ends meet

Ahead of the release of the European Commission’s Circular Economy Package, Resource sat down with EEF’s Susanne Baker to discuss the package’s potential and how close the manufacturing industry is to embracing circularity.


Fair sharing?

The sharing economy is growing exponentially, but what, exactly, is it growing into? Libby Peake investigates. 


What is waste from the illegal drug trade doing to the environment?

We know all about the social and economic consequences of illegal drugs, but how much do we know about the environmental waste wrought by society’s drug habits?

Learning to recycle

A child's capacity to absorb knowledge is a powerful tool in environment education. But what exactly do these enquiring minds learn about waste and resources in school? Leonie Butler finds out.

Turning down the volume

Faced with rampant growth in waste generation, the Korean government introduced a pay-as-you-throw system in 1995. Edward Perchard investigates how Seoul is putting its foot down on waste.