Issue 80

Election promises: What the 2015 manifestos say about the environment

With election manifestos beginning to surface, remind yourself what the various parties said about the environment back in the pure, uncomplicated days of 2015.

State of the union

Chancellor George Osborne stated in his Budget 2015 speech that “we are all part of one United Kingdom”. However, approaches to waste and recycling across the different governments are becoming increasingly fractured. Resource reports

Out of thin air

'Waste as a resource’ is one of the defining mantras of our sector, but what about extending that to ‘greenhouse gas as a resource’? Libby Peake catches up with a man with exactly that vision

Going separate ways

England and Wales now have the same legal requirement for local authorities to separately collect certain dry recyclables – but uptake of separate collections in the two countries has been vastly different. Annie Kane finds out why


Co-mingled case study: Vale of White Horse District Council

After reviewing the separate sort vs. co-mingled debate, Annie Kane takes a look at a local authority that has chosen to undertake co-mingled collections, and the reasons for doing so

Separate collections case study: Cheshire West and Chester Council

Annie Kane takes a look at a local authority that has chosen to undertake kerbside sort collection, and the reasons behind the decision to do so.

Down in the dumps with Delingpole

Isonomia’s Peter Jones does battle with Daily Mail misinformation, and presents a call to arms against pre-election attacks on recycling 


An improving index

Despite stutters in recycling figures, Eunomia’s third Local Authority Recycling Carbon Index (included with this issue of Resource), shows the carbon figures associated with household collection are improving. Simon Hann has more

Resourceful campaigner

Friends of the Earth Europe, part of the world’s largest environmental network, represents 31 national organisations and thousands of local groups at European level. Libby Peake caught up with its Resource Use Campaigner, Ariadna Rodrigo


Ofwaste Vox Pops

In the spirit of debate Iain Gulland called for in his Kit Strange Memorial Lecture, we asked five commentators for their thoughts on his Ofwaste idea. Here’s what they had to say 


Kit Strange Memorial Lecture 2015

Zero Waste Scotland’s Iain Gulland – last year’s Hot 100 winner – delivered the second annual Kit Strange Memorial Lecture at the House of Commons this year. In this introduction and excerpt from his speech, he outlines his vision for the sector


We might pay for our meals in gourmet restaurants with plastic, but how would you feel about eating something that’s fed on plastic? Leonie Butler reports 


Smells like green spirit

With the UK hairdressing industry worth an estimated £5 billion, it’s time to cut to the chase and blow (dry) some resource efficiency into the arena. Leonie Butler talks to Élan Hair Design, which has embraced the green (rinse) 


Putting waste in the frame

In February, Pembrokeshire County Council launched a new residual waste treatment framework agreement for Welsh local authorities. Annie Kane learns more about how it works 


Zooming in on food waste
A new photo series by Adela Nistora takes a look at the problem of food waste, and possible solutions.


A burning issue

Denmark is experiencing a waste management revolution after moving to quash its reliance on incineration, but how do you change the mindset of a nation? Edward Perchard finds out 


Legislative update: Spring 2015

Angus Evers from King & Wood Mallesons explains Defra’s latest proposals on waste crime


Costs of compliance

Resource interviews John Redmayne, General Manager of ERP UK, for his thoughts on the cost of compliance.


Plastic problems

Chris Dow, CEO of Closed Loop Recycling, takes a look at the problems facing the plastics markets