Issue 79

Hot 100 2014: Brightest sparks of the waste industry

For our annual power list, we asked you to name the brightest sparks in the resources industry. Here, from 100 on down, are the people who are making the biggest bangs and receiving the loudest 'Oohs and aahs'.

Landfill restoration: A walk in the park?

As England’s landfill space nears capacity, many organisations are looking to turn old landfills into community spaces. Annie Kane finds out whether landfill restoration is really a walk in park

Resource's annual local authority league tables based on waste arisings per capita.

Going up?

After decades of relentlessly rising recycling rates, in which the answer to our titular question would have been a resounding ‘yes’, the figures for the 2013/14 residual waste league table provide a different response altogether (in England, at least). Charles Newman has more

On the rebound

Energy efficiency is often seen as an ecological holy grail, promising economic growth and environmental protection, but scientists are increasingly cautioning that the ‘rebound effect’ means this might not be so. Libby Peake learns more

Going deeper underground

With geological disposal being touted as the UK’s answer for storing intermediate-level nuclear waste, Annie Kane finds out about a new scientific discovery that could help ensure its safety

Automated waste

A new waste operative is manoeuvring its way around Southmead Hospital in Bristol. Leonie Butler went to see how it’s getting on

The Real Deal

With Wales nearing the 60 per cent recycling mark, we wanted to know more about the secrets of the country’s success.  Charles Newman spoke to the man now managing Team Wales, Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant

Pedal to the metal

This year, Novelis opened the world’s largest aluminium recycling centre in Germany. Annie Kane learns more

First-class recycling

Stansted Airport’s waste management system has really – ahem – taken off. Oscar Henson learns more

Greater communication

Recycle for Greater Manchester is the message, but who is behind the campaigns? Leonie Butler finds out

Legislative update Winter 2015

Sam Sandilands from Burges Salmon LLP keeps us abreast of the potential changes to waste’s regulatory regime as government consults on WEEE compliance fees and the EA consults on technical guidance WM3

Fashionable recycling

Around the globe, Milan is recognised as a fashion capital, but it turns out it should also be recognised as a food waste recycling capital. Charles Newman learns more