Issue 77

Kelvin McElvaney series

With yesterday’s must-have electronic device becoming today’s cast-off lump of rubbish, the world is accumulating an ever-growing mountain of e-waste. Libby Peake learns why it’s now time to create some solutions

Counting the costs

When a tsunami hit the eastern coast of Japan in 2011, news outlets were filled with images of the damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant. Four years on, Will Simpson looks at the legacy of waste it’s left behind

remanufacturing components

With so much effort going into increasing recycling, remanufacturing doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. But are businesses finally ready to pick up the effort and create as-new products from used pieces? Annie Reece finds out

As more businesses go online to manage operations, Resource looks at some free apps and online tools they can use to manage their waste

With various bodies indicating that glass is the hardest material to separate effectively at a MRF, Resource investigates whether it’s possible to obtain remelt-quality cullet from co-mingled collections

St David’s Dewi Sant shopping centre is finding out for itself how useful a MRF can be. Annie Reece investigates

Edinburgh food waste bin

Sarah Jones learns how Edinburgh has dealt with the problems of recycling food waste in high-density housing areas

Vancouver flag

Sarah Jones investigates the celebrations and controversies on Vancouver’s path to becoming the ‘world’s greenest city’


To BIS or not to BIS?

As the economic benefits of recycling are increasingly noted, there are calls for the waste portfolio to be moved from Defra to BIS. Annie Reece reports

Rachelle Strauss

Many of us are fully committed to the concept of zero waste, but few of us have done so much to make it a reality as Rachelle Strauss, blogger at Resource catches up with Mrs Green herself to find out more

World in a grain

With materials becoming ever more thin on the ground, it’s time to stop burying our heads in the sand, and that includes recognising the scarcity of sand itself. Libby Peake learns more

Carbon Index

With increasing recognition that recycling is about more than tonnages, Eunomia is focusing on carbon impacts with its second Carbon Index (accompanying this issue of Resource). Life Cycle Assessment Specialist Simon Hann explains 

Helping deliver the recycling message

With all the focus on householders, small and medium enterprises have largely escaped the recycling radar. Leonie Butler finds out what help is available


Now that AD capacity has grown significantly, Eunomia consultants Hattie Parke and Adam Baddeley consider the problems with stimulating the commercial food waste market to supply these facilities