Issue 72

People, governments and businesses are waking up to the fact that we can’t go on using so many resources...

Sam Sandilands and Stephen Lavington from Burges Salmon LLP highlight some of the goings on in the world of waste law

Energy-from-waste plants have been touted by many as a solution to the waste problem. But have we over-egged how many we need?

Repair will play an essential part in the circular economy, yet so few of us know how to fix the damaged goods we have. Annie Reece learns more

As China cracks down on poor-quality recyclate from entering its borders, Charles Newman speaks to the head of Europe’s largest plastic bottle processing facility, Jonathan Short, about driving up quality

Hybrid and electric vehicle numbers are creeping up, but mainly only in the car market. Will Simpson finds out if low-emission vans, lorries and RCVs could soon be hurtling down a road near you

Love it or hate it, packaging will probably always be a hot topic of discussion for those of us in the waste management sector. Annie Reece finds out what the next steps are in terms of packaging innovation

San Francisco has announced an 80 per cent landfill diversion rate. Jessica Lockey finds out how the city has reached this milestone, and what we can learn from the ‘greenest city’ in the US.

The world’s first ‘stock exchange’ aimed at boosting investment in social and environmental businesses, the Social Stock Exchange, launched in June. Annie Reece investigates