Hot 100 2011: Who carries the torch?

Carrying the waste and resources torch in this industry isn’t an easy task. Resource harbours a massive flame for these HOT 100 worthy bearers, and our track-side commentators for this event are you, our readers, who provided the descriptions next to the contenders


Kit Strange  1 (6) Kit Strange (1954-2011), Former Director, Resource Recovery Forum: “Kit was amazingly knowledgable and enthusiastic and is a massive loss. His down-to-earth approach and willingness to help everyone in any waste role will be remembered for a very long time.”


Mal Williams  2 (9) Mal Williams, CEo, Cylch: “For his unwavering passion and for being the voice of commonsense!”


  3 (1) Joy Blizzard, Chair, LaRaC: “Joy is the ultimate inspiration to local authorities, showing how councils can tackle local challenges creatively.”


  4 (8) Peter Mills, operations Director, new Earth solutions: “Diverting so much waste away from landfill, and generating new sources of renewable energy can only make the country a better place!”


 5 (38) Iain Gulland, Director, Zero Waste scotland: “Working wonders North of the Border.”



 6 (3) Jonathan Straight, Chief Executive, straight Plc: “Straight thinking, straight talking!”



  7 (5) Liz Goodwin, CEo, WRaP: “Keeping WRAP on track and making progress.”



  8 (NEW) Julian Kirby, Resource use Campaigner, Friends of the Earth: “For creating a broad and deep coalition calling for cuts to residual waste.”


  9 (10) Keith James, Environmental manager, WRaP: “Keith’s work developing the Scottish Carbon Metric for recycling is insightful and demonstrates a clear understanding of the direction of policy development.”


  10( 19) Nicola Peake, managing Director Environmental services, may Gurney: “Saving local authorities money.”



11( 14) Ray Georgeson, Chief Executive, Ray Georgeson Resources: “Heading up a new industry body; one of the original architects of WRAP is making waves.”

12 (11) Julian Parfitt, Principal Resource analyst, oakdene hollins Ltd: “Statistical guru.”

13( 7) Eric Randall, Director of Recycling, Bryson Recycling: “Who can make things happen in Northern Ireland better than this man?”

14( 15) Steve Read, managing Director, somerset Waste Partnership: “Very committed – has taken on a huge amount keeping RRF on the rails.”

15 (22) Peter Jones, Director, Ecolateral: “Brainfood on legs.”

16 (16) Dominic Hogg, Director, Eunomia: “Freakish intelligence.”

17 (28) Andy Doran, national manager, novelis Recycling: “An industry voice for quality recycling.”

18( 27) Andy Rees, head of Waste strategy, Welsh Government: “For his commitment to making changes to benefit the environment.”

19 (17) Chris Coggins, independent Waste management Consultant: “Appreciates the value of research and evidence for waste policy and practice.” 20 (32) Linda Crichton, head of Programmes for Collection and Quality, WRaP: “Has a wealth of experience that she uses to help local authorities.”

21 (58) Andy moore, Coordinator, Campaign for Real Recycling: “Andy keeps challenging the easy option orthodoxies. The CRR Judicial Review could be one of the most significant moves we’ve seen in the short history of recycling in the UK.”

22 (31) Jeremy Jacobs, managing Director, association for organics Recycling: “Organics is the largest single waste stream and Jeremy leads the association that deals with it!”

23 (NEW) David Clarke, operations manager, Cwm harry Land trust: “Leading the way on zero waste operations.”

24 (18) Neil Thornton, Director of Climate, Waste and atmosphere, Defra: “He’s a competent person doing a difficult job. There aren’t many left in Defra.”

25 (96) Stephen Pathirana, head of Resource management and Radioactive Waste, scottish Government: “Scotland will be in good hands as long as he stays around.”

26 (20) Chris Dow, managing Director, Closed Loop Recycling: “Innovation and passion!”

27(30) Colin Drummond, Chief Executive, viridor: “He’s raised the profile of the waste industry through numerous appearances, including Undercover Boss.”

28 (21) Chris White, Director, Plastic sorting Limited: “For his on-going commitment to the UK recycling sector and ever-present smile!”

29 (47) Jane Stephenson, CEo, Resource Futures: “For demonstrating the importance of data-based, holistic communications in improving waste services.”

30(34) Steve Lee, CEo, CiWm: “For listening to CIWM members and dragging the institute into the future.”

31 (33) David Palmer- Jones, CEo, sita uK. 32 (NEW) maxine Perella, Waste market Editor, “Does a lot to promote the waste industry in a positive light.”

33( 55) Jean-Dominique Mallet, CEo, veolia: “Innovation in working with local groups to increase involvement.

34 (NEW) Mat Crocker, head of illegals and Waste, Environment agency.

35 (40) Paul Jones, Performance Director, may Gurney: “Swimming against the tide and starting to turn it for kerbside sort.”

36 (NEW) Steve Gough, CEo, valpak.

37 (25) Matthew Thomson, CEo, LCRn.

38 (39) Janez Potocnik, Commissioner for Environment, European Commission.

39 (46) Tony Breton, uK Coordinator, novamont: “Informed, professional and supportive expert on organics collection and treatment in UK.”

40 (24) Adam Read, Resource Efficiency and Waste management Practice Director, aEa: “Tells you how it is!“

41 (54) Colin Kirkby, Executive officer, LaRaC: “Mr LARAC – deserves every honour he will receive for his tireless work behind the scenes.”

42( 85) Lindsay Boswell, CEo, Fareshare: “FareShare is doing a great job of highlighting the issue of good food going to waste, and is expanding a successful network of redistribution.”

43 (65) Barry Dennis, Director General, Environmental services association: “He understands the industry.”

44 (51) Joe Papineschi, Director, Eunomia: “One of the most capable gurus in the business.”

45 (26) Michael Warhurst, senior Campaigner, Resource use, Friends of the Earth: “Great idea to put Pickles in a bin.”

46 (36) Craig Anderson, Chief Executive, Furniture Re-use network: “He is main reason ‘reuse’ is now on the UK and EU policy agenda. Moving up the (waste) hierarchy!”

47 (12) Andy Bond, Director, 4R Environmental.

48 (13) Dee Moloney, managing Director, London Remade solutions: “Always looking for new approaches and innovations to apply to problems.”

49(NEW) Kathy Lewis, managing Director, Preen CiC: “Works tirelessly to help others by reusing and supplying furniture and other items to those in need.”

50 (29) Shlomo Dowen, national Coordinator, uK Without incineration network: “For running a massive network that is changing the mindset to: Recycle, don’t burn.”

51 (4) Caroline Lucas, mP, Green Party: “Sticks to her guns, which are facing in the right direction.”

52 (53) Dick Perry, Programme area manager for Collection and Quality, WRaP: “Still has massive influence in what councils do, even after three decades.”

53 (49) Steve Eminton, Editor, “Has a lot of influence in the media and has shepherded letsrecycle through some turbulent times.”

54 (91) Steve Simmons, managing Director, Waste Dynamics: “Helping community groups for free.”

55 (67) Rick Hindley, Executive Director, alupro: “Showing how industrysupported programmes can make a real difference to recycling.”

56 (64) Richard Mehmed, managing Director, national Community Wood Recycling Project: “Still pushing the boundaries of community waste recycling.”

57 (45) Russell Owens, Waste strategy officer, Welsh Government. 58 (76) Jane Beasley, Director, Beasley associates: “Has a good practical knowledge of how to progress partnership working.”

59 (60) Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director, Forum for the Future: “Voice for the environment and our future.”

60 (72) Julie Hill, associate, Green alliance: “Julie’s book, The Secret Life of Stuff, sets out a pathway to greener products and resource use.”

61 (NEW) John Williams, head of materials for Energy & industry, national non-Food Crops Centre: “Led the steering group on packaging at the Olympics, which ensured packaging will be suitable for anaerobic digestion, composing, or recycling.”

62( 70) John Simmons, Chief Executive officer, Recoup: “Behind many advances in real plastics recycling.”

63 (NEW) Simon Weston, managing Director, smurfit Kappa Recycling.

64 (44) Dave Mansell, strategy and Communications team Leader, somerset Waste Partnership: “Dave’s been a massive part in getting a uniformly high-quality service across a whole county.”

65 (48) Michael Chesshire, non-Executive Director, BiogenGreenfinch.

66 (79) Richard Lochhead, Cabinet secretary for Rural affairs and the Environment, scottish Government: “For his bravery in going for zero waste.”

67( 52) Lee Marshall, senior manager, Policy and Waste, Powys CC: “Still using his knowledge and experience for local authorities everywhere.”

68 (89) andrew Perkins, head of Recycling, aylesford newsprint (soon to move to smurfit Kappa).

69 (NEW) John Griffiths, minister for Environment and sustainable Development, Welsh Government: “If he’s in charge of recycling in Wales, he must be on the list!”

70 (NEW) Peter Davies, Commissioner for sustainable Futures, sustainable Futures Commission.

71 (57) John Enright, Project Director, Waste Programme Lead for Joint Working, Local Partnerships: “He’s an expert in his field with a grounded perspective.”

72 (NEW) Sarah Steeds, head of Producer Responsibility, Defra.

73 (43) Richard Featherstone, Development manager, LCRn: “For his excellent work securing £8m funding and then developing reuse across the capital.”

74 (NEW) Lord Taylor of holbeach, Parliamentary under secretary of state, Defra: “As minister responsible for recycling, he must at least be a mover and a shaker. Time will tell how effective he is.”

75 (NEW) Ron Humphreys, managing Director, Palm Recycling.

76 (NEW) Ian Hetherington, Director General, BmRa.

77 (66) Margaret Bates, manager of the Centre for sustainable Wastes management, university of northampton: “She shapes the minds of those who will take over.”

78 (NEW) Emma Hallet, operations manager, REalliance: “Smart, kind, insightful, practical, etc, etc…”

79 (81) Peter Ridley, managing Director, Peter Ridley Waste systems.

80 (75) Nina Sweet, sector specialist, WRaP: “For her faith in the little people.”

81 (NEW) Craig Robinson, Director of RCP market & operations uK & ireland, uPm.

82 (98) Paul Davidson, head of sector specialists, WRaP: “For his good work on packaging this year.”

83 (83) Peter scholes, managing Director, urban mines: “For his innovative work in the area of commercial and |industrial waste.”

84 (NEW) Peter Butt, secretary, Wood Recyclers’ association: “As the WRA grows, so does his influence.” 85 (NEW) Julian Elston, managing Director, uK Container maintenance Ltd: “From bin man to owner of the largest refurbishment company in the UK. A true hard worker and entrepreneur.”

86 (NEW) Bob Harris, uK sales manager, Egbert h taylor: “Can-do attitude and consistent support for customers during difficult times.”

87 (37) Phillip Ward, independent Consultant: “For all he’s done for local authorities over his many years advising us at WRAP.”

88 (NEW) Arthur Ready, managing Director, Envar.

89 (2) Jane Davidson, Former Environment minister, Welsh Government: “She was responsible for the Welsh Government agreeing to make sustainable development its central organising principle.”

90 (NEW) Sarah Findlay, Development manager, starter Packs: “For living and breathing the reuse ethos and leading the way with passion and heart.”

91 (71) Andrew Craig, Principal Policy support officer, LaRaC: “Even though he’s retired, he’s still influential as LARAC’s Principal Policy Adviser.”

92 (88) Arnold Black, Knowledge transfer manager, Environment sustainability, Knowledge transfer network. 93 (NEW) Edward Douglas miller, managing Director, Remarkable: “Remarkable stationery touches the lives of school children and brings recycling to life.”

94 (23) Nicky Scott, Coordinator, DCCn: “Brill composting guru.”

95 (86) Sarah Dagwell, head of Waste services, medway Council: “Leading change in the face of decreasing budgets.” 96 (NEW) stephen Bates, managing Director, EnviroComms: “Championing the case for local authority communications.”

97 (97) Caroline Spelman, secretary of state, Defra.

98 (NEW) Stephen Gee, sales manager, Emap: “Organises RWM, which is key to the growth of the UK market.”

99 (80) David Workman, Director General, CPi.

100 (95) Ian Wakelin, Chief Executive officer, Biffa Group: “Merging the Biffa, Verdant and Greenstar businesses to create a recycling superpower.”

101 (101) Eric Pickles, secretary of state, DCLG: “For crimes against recycling.”