Swansea launches recycling ‘selfie’ competition

Children from Parklands Primary School submit their recycling selfie

Swansea Council has launched a recycling ‘selfie’ competition to ‘encourage families to make more use of their green bins’ and ‘share their enthusiasm with their friends and neighbours’.

Swansea residents are being asked to take a picture of themselves using their food waste recycling bins and share their selfies via Twitter at @SwanseaEnv (or @AmgylcheddTawe) using the hashtags #rethinkyourrubbish and #selfie (or #ailystyriedeichsbwriel a #hunlun for Welsh speakers).

Images can also be emailed in to Swansea Council itself.

The image judged to be ‘most likely to encourage other residents to start recycling their food waste’ will win a professional family photo shoot with Rasa Mombeini Photography in Mumbles, and a large canvas print of their favourite image.

June Burtonshaw, Swansea Council's Cabinet Member for Place, explained the reasoning behind the competition: "Every week is food waste collection week if people put it out in the green bins. Black bags are collected fortnightly, so it makes no sense to put food waste in them, particularly as they're vulnerable to attack from vermin.

"Green waste bins are virtually impossible for animals to get inside, so families can be sure that their food waste won't end up strewn all across the garden or the street as would often be the case with black bags.

"The selfie competition is just one of the ways we're encouraging families to make more use of their green bins and to share their enthusiasm with their friends and neighbours."

Pupils at primary schools in Swansea have also been submitting their photos, with Beverley Phillips, Head Teacher at Blaenymaes Primary School, commenting: "We recycle as much as we can at school and aim to inspire children to take the ideas home with them. The competition hadn't even been launched and two of our pupils had already done their selfies at home with their families."

Among the local ‘celebrities’ who have submitted pictures of themselves recycling is radio DJ Badger from The Wave radio station.

He said: "It's great to get involved in something like this because we all need to do our bit for the environment. In the Badger household, we've got a compost heap where the food waste goes so we can recycle it as soil improver for the garden.

"But for those who haven't got space for a compost heap, the green bin's a great idea because all the food waste you put in them ends up as soil improver too."

The competition is open until Wednesday (26 March).

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