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Ward offers nationwide waste management services including metal processing, recycling of industrial, business and household waste collection. It offers skip hire, car recycling, wood and waste electrical equipment (WEEE) processing and recycling, hazardous waste management including secure destruction of confidential waste, site services, facilities management and land remediation.
60 North Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.60northrecycling.co.uk
A.D Recycling Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.adrecyclingsolutions.com
Aberystwyth Recycling Centre Ltd
Website: http://www.aber-recycling.co.uk
Allcontrols Ltd
Website: http://www.allcontrols.co.uk
Alwin Ltd
Website: http://www.alwin.ltd.uk
Analytical Services
Website: http://www.assayoffice.co.uk
ARUN Technology Limited
Website: http://www.aruntechnology.com
ASM Recycling
Website: http://www.asm-recycling.co.uk
AWA Refiners
Website: http://www.awarefiners.com
Basf Metals Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.converter-recycling.basf.com
Broughshire Ltd
Website: http://www.broughshire.com
Bunting Magnetics Europe ltd
Website: http://www.buntingmagneticseurope.com/
Conflate Recycling Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.conflaterecycling.com/
D Shaw Metals
Website: http://www.dshawmetals.co.uk
Duesmann & Hensel Recycling
Website: http://www.duerec.com/en/home.html
E H Hassell & Sons Ltd
Website: http://www.hassells.com
Eastfield Engineering Ltd
Website: http://www.eastfield-engineering.com
Website: http://uk.emrgroup.com
Eurokey Recycling
Website: http://www.eurokeyrecycling.com
Firber Engineering Ltd
Website: http://www.firber.co.uk
JMC Recycling Systems Ltd
Website: http://www.jmcrecycling.com
Lefort UK Ltd
Website: http://www.lefortuk.com
McCarthy (UK) Ltd
Website: http://www.mccarthyuk.com
Melroma Consultancy and Design Ltd
Website: http://www.melroma.co.uk
Metal & Waste
Website: http://www.metalandwaste.com
Mid UK Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.midukrecycling.co.uk
Nationwide Metal Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.nmrecycling.co.uk
Oakwood Group
Website: http://www.oakwoodgroup.uk.com
Phoenix County Metals Ltd
Website: http://www.pcm-ltd.co.uk
PILANA Knives, s.r.o.
Website: http://www.pilana.com
Recycling Management Ltd
Website: http://www.recyclingmanagement.com
Sims Metal Management
Website: http://www.simsmm.co.uk
Thamesdown Recycling
Website: http://www.thamesdownrecycling.co.uk
The Frank Barnes Group
Website: http://www.frank-barnes.co.uk
Universal Recycling Company
Website: http://www.universalrecyclingcompany.co.uk
Whip Street Motors Limited
Website: http://www.whipstreet.co.uk