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Mac Machinery supply and support recycling machinery & equipment including balers, ballistic separators, chippers, material handlers, shredders, trommel screens and full recycling waste systems. Our company is an official dealer of world leading brands such as: Stadler, Kentek Systems.
3r Environmental Technology
Website: http://www.3renvirotech.com
A.D Recycling Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.adrecyclingsolutions.com
Advanced Recycling Systems
Website: http://www.ars-eds.co.uk
AK Waste Machinery
Website: http://www.akwastemachinery.co.uk
Autobaler (ECS Ltd)
Website: http://www.autobaler.co.uk
AXO Shredders Ltd (UK)
Website: http://www.axo.cc
Bag & Bale Ltd
Website: http://www.bagandbale.com
Balecom Ltd
Website: http://www.balecom.co.uk
Beam Services
Website: http://www.beam-services.co.uk
Bergmann Direct Ltd
Website: http://www.bergmanndirect.co.uk
BOA Recycling UK Ltd
Website: http://www.boarecycling.nl
Cape Machinery International
Website: http://www.capemachinery.com
CK Autotie Balers
Website: https://resource.co/declan%40ckautotiebalers.com
E H Hassell & Sons Ltd
Website: http://www.hassells.com
Edwards Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.edwardsrecycling.co.uk
Eurokey Recycling
Website: http://www.eurokeyrecycling.com
Fercell Engineering Limited
Website: http://www.fercell.com
Gradeall International Ltd
Website: http://www.gradeall.com
Greenway Polymers
Website: http://www.greenwaypolymers.com
Higgins Balers
Website: http://www.higginsbalers.com
HSM (UK) Limited
Website: http://www.hsm.eu/uk
Jarshire Ltd
Website: http://www.jarshire.co.uk
K S Baling Ltd
Website: http://www.ksbaling.co.uk
Ken Mills Engineering
Website: http://www.kenmills.co.uk
Landfill Alternatives Ltd
Website: http://www.landfillalternatives.co.uk
Lefort UK Ltd
Website: http://www.lefortuk.com
Lyndex Recycling Systems Limited
Website: http://www.lyndexrecycling.com
MacMachinery Ltd
Website: http://www.macmachinery.com
Mardon Recycling Machinery Ltd
Website: http://www.mardonrecycling.co.uk
Middleton Engineering Ltd
Website: http://www.middletonengineering.co.uk
Nicholls Group
Website: http://www.nichollsgroup.co.uk
Website: http://www.phs.co.uk/orwak
PDE Waste Technologies
Website: http://www.pde.uk.com
Phoenix Compaction Systems Ltd
Website: http://www.phoenixcomp.co.uk
Plastic Expert Ltd
Website: http://www.plasticexpert.co.uk
Presona UK
Website: http://www.presona.co.uk
PRM Waste Systems Ltd
Website: http://www.prmwastesystems.com
Website: http://www.rcpsa.co.uk
Recycle Direct Ltd
Website: http://www.recycledirect.com
Rodan Engineering Co Ltd
Website: http://www.rodan-eng.co.uk
Taurus (Sales) UK Limited
Website: http://www.engineeringserviceslondon.co.uk
Waste & Hygiene Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.waste-hygiene.co.uk
Wrights Recycling Machinery Ltd
Website: http://www.wrightsltd.co.uk