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BritishBins Ltd is the UK’s leading online supplier of high quality wheelie bins. All our wheelie bins are brand new and made to the highest quality standards..but it’s not just wheelie bins we do! We are able to provide you with bin accessories, clinical waste bins, dustbins, bin accessories and bin tippers.
Are you looking for exactly the right baling press for your tasks? At HSM, you are sure to find the best solution and profit from many other valuable benefits. As the only manufacturer to offer you the entire range of powerful and economic baling presses – vertical, horizontal and fully automatic.
Mach Tech Services is a specialist engineering company working exclusively with Industrial Shredding Machinery, based in the Northwest we are in prime position for all the major motorway networks which allows us to provide an unparalleled service back up to the recycling industry.
Poundfield Products Ltd are a leading precast concrete manufacturer based in Suffolk. The company was founded in 1999 by Mark Jardine, whose experience of working, first on the family farm and then later in the compost and recycling industry led him to the design of a unique A’ shaped retaining wall system – branded as the Alfabloc. This precast concrete retaining wall system is still manufactured today and customers find it very quick and easy to install. It has no protruding toe and in many cases can be used freestanding. The company has also expanded its precast concrete range to include a number of other retaining wall systems plus a range of beam and block floor products. We also offer a full bespoke design service for more specialist projects. Our products are used across many industries including: agriculture, waste & recycling, construction and security. Whether you are looking to build new facilities or reconfigure your existing storage we may just have the right solution for you. We are happy to discuss any forthcoming projects with you; please contact us for a chat and no obligation quote on 01449 723150.
Recolight was set up by the lighting industry in 2005 to take on their WEEE responsibility for recycling when the WEEE regulations were introduced into the UK. Operating as a not for profit Producer Compliance Scheme, Recolight provides free recycling for Producer Members and their customers and end users. This is as a FREE recycling service because Recolight are funded by their Producer Members.
Russell Finex is a global specialist in separation equipment for the recycling and waste industry. Assisting manufacturers, government and environmental agencies with innovative solutions to processing waste, Russell Finex can improve your processing across virtually any application, from food wastes to recycled glass and plastic to recovering waste oils.
Ulster Shredders is the leading manufacture for industrial shredders. Their product range include shredders that focus on confidential destruction, volume reduction, production processing and mobile shredding. Based in Castledawson Magherafelt, Northern Ireland, Ulster Shredders equipment can be seen across the world.
Ward offers nationwide waste management services including metal processing, recycling of industrial, business and household waste collection. It offers skip hire, car recycling, wood and waste electrical equipment (WEEE) processing and recycling, hazardous waste management including secure destruction of confidential waste, site services, facilities management and land remediation.
Intuitive, easy to use, and full of sophisticated features - Waste Logics is a cloud-based waste management software. You can create bookings, track progress, analyze business performance on the move, and enjoy the flexibility of unlimited access anywhere, anytime, from any device.
We specialise in providing solutions to our customers requirements, saving you time and money... and in the current economic climate you need to be able to focus on growing your business - not just protecting it!
Collect and Recycle provide a national recycling service for businesses and organisations of all types. This includes electrical waste disposal, hazardous waste collection, chemical waste disposal, purchase of cardboard bales, paper recycling & more.
Craemer UK is a leading British based manufacturer of high-quality plastic wheeled bins with a reputation for robust and reliable products, excellent customer service and supply flexibility. Backed by technical excellence and a quality ethos stretching back over 100 years, Craemer supply the majority of UK local authorities and municipal waste companies with wheeled bins from their purpose-built production facilities in Telford Shropshire. Craemer bins are designed to meet the increasing demands of the UK and European waste industry. The robust 2 and 4 wheeled range of bins offer significant saving opportunities in storage and logistics as well as many improved design features. All Craemer bins are designed, manufactured and rigorously tested in accordance with the European standard for mobile waste containers EN-840. In addition, Craemer bins are annually tested and certified to the strict European RAL standard GZ/951/1, delivering assured quality and setting the standard for reliability, service, product quality and innovation.
Glasdon have over 60 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying essential products which can improve spaces, enhance site safety and help support waste management systems and recycling. Our range includes indoor and outdoor litter bins and recycling bins available in a wide selection of styles, sizes and colours to suit all requirements.
ISB Global is a leading Business Software & Systems Consultants. We specialise in the implementation of software solutions for the Recycling, Waste Management and Energy markets.
Mac Machinery supply and support recycling machinery & equipment including balers, ballistic separators, chippers, material handlers, shredders, trommel screens and full recycling waste systems. Our company is an official dealer of world leading brands such as: Stadler, Kentek Systems.
As an industrial shredder specialist celebrating a 50-year heritage – and counting – UNTHA has grown to become the first name on everyone’s lips when it comes to ground-breaking machines that push throughput, efficiency, and profitability boundaries. We can handle alternative fuel production, WEEE, confidential waste, bulky waste, medical waste, plastics, metals, wood, biomass, organics and more.
WasteManaged is a commercial waste collection company that offers a fixed set price for its services. Simple, fair, fixed pricing. It services over 20,000 businesses across the UK and is determined to deliver a world-class customer experience at all times.
2G Energy Ltd
Website: http://www.2-g.com
360 Environmental
Website: http://www.360environmental.co.uk
360 Integrated Marketing Solutions LLP
Website: http://www.360integrated.com
Website: http://www.3e-machinery.co.uk
3r Environmental Technology
Website: http://www.3renvirotech.com
4R Group
Website: http://www.4R-Group.co.uk
60 North Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.60northrecycling.co.uk
707 Resource Management
Website: http://www.707.co.uk/
A & C Weber UK Ltd
Website: http://www.w-weber.com/engl/start.html
A.D Recycling Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.adrecyclingsolutions.com
A1 Compliance
Website: http://www.a1compliance.com
Aardvark EM
Website: http://www.aardvarkem.co.uk
Aberystwyth Recycling Centre Ltd
Website: http://www.aber-recycling.co.uk
Absolute Solvents Ltd
Website: https://resource.co/robert%40absolutesolvents.co.uk
AC Oils Ltd
Website: https://resource.co/acoils%40ymail.com
Accent Wire UK
Website: http://www.accentwire.co.uk
ACM Waste Management plc
Website: http://www.acmplc.com
Acorn Container Company Ltd
Website: http://www.acorncontainers.co.uk
ACP (Concreate) Ltd
Website: http://www.acp-concrete.co.uk
Active Collection Bureau Ltd
Website: http://www.acb.co.uk
ADS Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.adsrecycling.co.uk
Advanced Recycling Systems
Website: http://www.ars-eds.co.uk
Advantage Waste Brokers
Website: http://www.advantagewastebrokers.co.uk
AEA Technology
Website: http://www.aeat.co.uk
Website: http://www.aerocover.co.uk
AG Bag
Website: http://www.agbag.co.uk
Ainscough Industrial Group
Website: http://www.ainscoughindustrial.co.uk
Air Spectrum Environmental LTD
Website: http://www.airspectrum.com/
Air-Seal Products Ltd
Website: http://www.air-sealproducts.com
AJF Waste Management Ltd
Website: http://www.ajfwastemanagement.co.uk
AK Waste Machinery
Website: http://www.akwastemachinery.co.uk
ALAB Environmental Services
Website: http://www.alabenvironmental.com
Albutt Ltd
Website: http://www.albutt.com/
Website: http://www.aleris.com
Alex Smiles Ltd
Website: http://www.alexsmiles.co.uk
Alfagy Ltd
Website: http://alfagy.com/
All-Tex Recyclers Ltd
Website: http://www.albutt.com/
Allcontrols Ltd
Website: http://www.allcontrols.co.uk
Alpha-Financials Environmental
Website: http://www.af-enviro.com
Alutrade Ltd
Website: http://www.alutrade.co.uk/
Alwin Ltd
Website: http://www.alwin.ltd.uk
Amber Services
Website: http://www.amberwaste.com
Website: http://www.amberol.co.uk
AMCS Group
Website: http://www.amcsgroup.com
Website: http://www.amec-ukenvironment.com/
Website: http://www.ameycespa.com
Amgen Cymru
Website: http://www.amgen-cymru.com
AMI Diskshred
Website: https://resource.co/www.amiltd.ie%20/%20www.diskshred.co.uk
AMS Assoiciates Ltd
Website: http://www.amsaccociates.co.uk
AMUT Ecotech
Website: http://www.amutecotech.it/
Anaconda Equipment
Website: http://www.anacondaequipment.com
Analytical Services
Website: http://www.assayoffice.co.uk
Andrew Isaacs Machinery International Ltd
Website: http://www.isaacsmachinery.com
Andritz Feed and Bio Fuel
Website: http://www.andritz.com
Andusia Recovered Fuels Limited
Website: http://www.andusia.co.uk/
Aqua Enviro
Website: http://www.aquaenviro.co.uk
Arbor Eater Brushwood Chippers Ltd
Website: http://www.arboreaters.co.uk/
Argyle Energy
Website: http://www.argyleuk.com
Arrow Environmental Services Ltd
Website: http://www.arrow-environmental.co.uk
ARUN Technology Limited
Website: http://www.aruntechnology.com
Ashwell Recycled Timber Products
Website: http://www.ashwellrecycling.com
ASM Recycling
Website: http://www.asm-recycling.co.uk
Website: http://www.astco.co.uk
Atkins Ltd
Website: http://www.atkinsglobal.com
Augean Plc
Website: http://www.augeanplc.com
Auto Spares & Salvage Ltd
Website: http://www.bale.co.uk
Autobaler (ECS Ltd)
Website: http://www.autobaler.co.uk
Website: http://www.autodrain.net
Avanti Environmental Group
Website: http://www.avantienvironmental.co.uk
AWA Refiners
Website: http://www.awarefiners.com
Axion Consulting
Website: http://www.axionconsulting.co.uk
AXO Shredders Ltd (UK)
Website: http://www.axo.cc
B&M Waste Services
Website: http://www.bandmwasteservices.com
B2B Compliance
Website: http://www.brbcompliance.org.uk
Bag & Bale Ltd
Website: http://www.bagandbale.com
Bakers Waste Services Ltd
Website: http://www.bakerswaste.co.uk
Balcan Engineering Ltd
Website: http://www.balcan.co.uk
Balecom Ltd
Website: http://www.balecom.co.uk
Bartec (UK) Ltd
Website: http://www.bartec.co.uk
Basf Metals Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.converter-recycling.basf.com
Beam Services
Website: http://www.beam-services.co.uk
Beasley Associates
Website: http://www.beasleyassociates.com
Bell Microsystems Ltd
Website: http://www.bell-group.net
Bergmann Direct Ltd
Website: http://www.bergmanndirect.co.uk
Berryman Recycling
Website: http://www.berrymanglassrecycling.com
Website: http://www.biffa.co.uk/products-and-services/compliance-schemes/packaging-compliance.html
Website: http://www.bigbellysolar.co.uk
Bin Masters
Website: http://www.binmasters.co.uk
Bio Waste Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.bio-waste.co.uk
Website: http://www.biobags.co.uk
Biogen (UK) Ltd
Website: http://www.biogen.co.uk
BIU Group
Website: http://www.biugroup.co.uk
BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.bkpgroup.com
Blackburns Waste Disposal
Website: https://resource.co/carol%40cjblackburn.co.uk
Blakeley's Waste Management
Website: http://www.blakeleys.co.uk
Website: http://www.bluegroup.co.uk/
BOA Recycling UK Ltd
Website: http://www.boarecycling.nl
Boomerang Plastics / Summit Recycling Machinery
Website: http://www.summitrecycling.co.uk
Website: http://www.bottleman.co.uk
BPR Group
Website: http://www.bprgroup.co.uk
Bradwell Skip Services Ltd
Website: http://www.bradwellskips.co.uk
Brier Hills Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.brierhillsrecycling.co.uk
Bristol Textile Recyclers
Website: http://www.btr-ltd.co.uk
British Glass
Website: http://www.britglass.org.uk
Broughshire Ltd
Website: http://www.broughshire.com
BRT Recycling Technologie GMBH
Website: http://www.brt.info
Bryson House Recycling
Website: http://www.brysonrecycling.org
Website: http://www.bsxltd.com
Budget Pack
Website: http://www.budget-pack.com
Bulkbag Containers Ltd
Website: http://www.bulkbag.co.uk
Bunting Magnetics Europe ltd
Website: http://www.buntingmagneticseurope.com/
Burgess Salmon
Website: http://www.burges-salmon.com
Website: http://www.bywaters.co.uk
C B Environmental Ltd
Website: http://www.cbenvironmental.co.uk
Can Do Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.can-do-recycling.co.uk
Canning Conveyor Co Ltd
Website: http://www.canningcoveyor.co.uk
Cape Machinery International
Website: http://www.capemachinery.com
Carolyn Cross Communications
Website: http://www.carolyncross.co.uk
Website: http://www.cartakeback.com
Carter Jonas LLP
Website: http://www.carterjonas.co.uk/en-gb/our-services/minerals.aspx
Website: http://www.casepak.co.uk
Castle Computer Services Ltd
Website: http://www.castle-cs.com
Cawleys Waste Management
Website: http://www.cawleys.co.uk
Website: http://www.cbi-inc.com
CCV Southampton
Website: http://www.ccvsouthampton.co.uk
Celtic Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.celtic-recycling.co.uk
Centrol Recycling Group
Website: http://www.centrolgroup.com
Centurion Industrial Packaging
Website: http://www.centurionpackaging.com
Website: http://www.chainandconveyor.co.uk
Changeworks Recycling
Website: http://www.changeworksrecycling.co.uk
Chase Plastics
Website: http://www.chase-plastics.co.uk
Chemoxy International Ltd
Website: http://www.chemoxy.com
Choice Textile Ltd
Website: http://www.choicetextile.com
Chris Carey Collections
Website: http://www.chriscareyscollections.co.uk
CK Autotie Balers
Website: https://resource.co/declan%40ckautotiebalers.com
CK Group
Website: http://www.ck-group.co.uk/
Clarity Environmental
Website: http://www.clarity.eu.com
Clews Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.clewsrecycling.co.uk
Clifton Rubber
Website: http://www.cliftonrubber.co.uk
Closed Loop Recycling
Website: http://www.closedlooprecycling.co.uk
CMB International Limited
Website: http://www.cmb.uk.com
Coleman Ltd
Website: http://www.colemanltd.com
Coleshill Aluminium
Website: http://www.coleshill-aluminium.com
Colltex Ltd
Website: http://www.colltexltd.net
Community Composting Network
Website: http://www.crn.org.uk
Compact and Bale Ltd
Website: http://www.compact-and-bale.com
Compactor Rentals Ltd
Website: http://www.compactor-rentals.com
Compliance Link
Website: http://www.compliancelink.co.uk
Comply Direct Ltd
Website: http://www.complydirect.com
Website: http://www.compost-uk.co.uk
Computer Salvage Specialists Ltd
Website: http://www.computersalvagespecialists.com
Conflate Recycling Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.conflaterecycling.com/
Container Services UK Ltd
Website: http://www.containerservicesukltd.co.uk
Website: http://www.conveyortek.com/
Cookstown Textile Recycling
Website: http://www.c-t-r.com
Copper Consultancy
Website: http://www.copperconsultancy.com
Website: http://www.costain.com
Countrystyle Group
Website: http://www.countrystylegroup.co.uk
Covanta Energy Ltd
Website: http://www.covantaenergy.co.uk
Website: http://www.coveya.co.uk
CRJ Services Ltd
Website: http://www.crjservices.co.uk
Cromwell Polythene
Website: http://www.cromwellpolythene.co.uk
Crow Recycling
Website: http://www.crowrecycling.co.uk
D Brash & Sons Ltd
Website: http://www.brash-scales.com
D Shaw Metals
Website: http://www.dshawmetals.co.uk
D&M Recycling (Croydon) Ltd
Website: http://www.dandmrecycling.co.uk
David Border Composting Consultants
Website: http://www.davidborder.co.uk
David Harrison Handling Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.davidharrisons.com
Day Group Ltd
Website: http://www.daygroup.co.uk
Delta Industrial Packaging
Website: http://www.deltacontainers.com/
Deltax Ltd
Website: http://www.deltax.co.uk
Website: http://www.dentons.com
Devon Contract Waste Ltd
Website: http://www.dcw.co.uk
Dickson for Sacks
Website: http://www.recykerbag.com
Dragon Machinery Ltd
Website: http://www.dragon-machinery.co.uk
DS Smith Recycling
Website: http://www.dssmith.com
Duesmann & Hensel Recycling
Website: http://www.duerec.com/en/home.html
E H Hassell & Sons Ltd
Website: http://www.hassells.com
E4environment Ltd
Website: http://www.e4environment.co.uk
Earthmover Tyres Scotland
Website: http://www.earthmovertyresscotland.com
East London Textiles
Website: http://www.east-london-textiles.com
Eastfield Engineering Ltd
Website: http://www.eastfield-engineering.com
Ebbsfleet Engineering Services Ltd
Website: http://www.ebbsfleetltd.com
Eco Food Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.ecofoodrecycling.co.uk
Eco Plant Hire & Sales
Website: http://www.ecoplantsales.com
ECO Plastics
Website: http://www.ecoplasticsltd.com
Website: http://www.ecosac.net
Website: https://www.ecosurety.com/
ECY Haulmark
Website: http://www.ecyltd.co.uk
Edge Tool Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Website: http://www.etmblades.com
Edwards Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.edwardsrecycling.co.uk
Website: http://www.f-e.de
Ekko Glass
Website: http://www.ekkoglass.com
Elite Recycling Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.eliterecyclingsolutions.com
Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Website: http://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org
Emerald Biogas Ltd
Website: http://www.emeraldbiogas.com
Emerge Recycling
Website: http://www.emergemanchester.co.uk
Website: http://uk.emrgroup.com
EMS - Waste Recycling
Website: http://www.emswasterecycle.com
Enviroco Ltd
Website: http://www.enviroco.co.uk
Website: http://www.environcorp.com
Website: http://www.environcom.co.uk
Environmental Packaging Solutions
Website: https://resource.co/enviroguru%40btinternet.com
ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd
Website: http://www.ergapc.co.uk/
Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd
Website: http://en-gb.eriez.com
Website: http://www.erp-recycling.co.uk
ESE World
Website: http://www.eseworld.co.uk/
ESS Recycling UK
Website: http://www.essrecycling.co.uk
Website: http://www.enomia.co.uk
Eurokey Recycling
Website: http://www.eurokeyrecycling.com
Euroquip Newent Ltd
Website: http://www.euroquip.net
Eurotrack Ltd
Website: http://www.eurotrackltd.com
Evergreen Gas
Website: http://www.evergreengas.co.uk
Website: http://www.falcondata.co.uk
Farid UK Ltd
Website: http://www.fariduk.com
FCC Environment
Website: http://www.fccenvironment.co.uk
Fellows Environmental
Website: http://www.fellowsenvironmental.com
Fercell Engineering Limited
Website: http://www.fercell.com
Fernbrook Bio Ltd
Website: http://www.fernbrookbio.co.uk
Field Fayre Products Ltd
Website: https://resource.co/fieldfayre%40btconnect.com
Filkin & Co. EHS Limited
Website: http://www.filkin-ehs.co.uk
Finlay Plant UK Ltd
Website: http://www.finlaygroup.co.uk
Firber Engineering Ltd
Website: http://www.firber.co.uk
First Mile Recycling
Website: http://www.thefirstmile.co.uk
Firstgrade Recycling Systems
Website: http://www.firstgrade.f2s.com
Forth Resource Management Ltd
Website: http://www.frmrecycling.co.uk
Forward Waste Management Ltd
Website: http://www.forwardwastemanagement.co.uk
FP Mccann
Website: http://fpmccann.co.uk/
Fraser Evans & Sons Ltd
Website: http://www.fraser-evans.co.uk
Frith Resource Management
Website: http://www.frithrm.com
Website: http://www.frn.org.uk
G & P Batteries Ltd
Website: http://www.g-pbatt.co.uk/
Garbutt Brothers
Website: http://www.recycledcars.co.uk
GE Environmental Ltd
Website: http://www.geenvironmental.co.uk
Geesinknorba Ltd.
Website: http://www.geesinknorba.com
GG Compactors Ltd
Website: http://www.ggcompactors.co.uk
Glass Recycling UK
Website: http://www.glassrecycle.co.uk
Glazewing Ltd
Website: http://www.glazewing.co.uk
Global Recycling Solutions
Website: http://www.globalrecycling.eu
Glosta Engineering
Website: http://www.glostas-engineering.co.uk
Website: http://www.go4greener.co.uk
Gradeall International Ltd
Website: http://www.gradeall.com
Graig Environmental Recycling Services Ltd
Website: http://www.graigrecycling.co.uk
Great Green Systems
Website: http://www.greatgreensystems.com
Green Glass UK
Website: http://www.greenglass.co.uk
Green Waste Management Service Ltd
Website: http://www.greenwaste.co.uk
Greener World Ltd
Website: http://www.greenerworld.com
GreenHawk Environmental Consultancy
Website: https://resource.co/kevin%40green-hawk.co.uk
Greenlight Environmental Ltd
Website: http://www.greenlightenvironmental.co.uk
Greenmech Ltd
Website: http://www.greenmech.co.uk
Greenway Polymers
Website: http://www.greenwaypolymers.com
Greenwood Magnetics Ltd
Website: http://www.greenwoodmagnetics.com
Growing Beds Recycling Services Ltd
Website: http://www.growing-beds.co.uk
Grundon Waste Management Ltd
Website: http://www.grundon.com/clinical-waste-disposal
Gulliver's Truck Hire Ltd
Website: http://www.gullivers.co.uk
H2 Energy Ltd
Website: http://www.h2energy.co
HAAS Recycling-Systems
Website: http://www.haas-recycling.de
Hadfield Wood Recyclers
Website: http://www.hadfield.co.uk
Website: http://www.hammelgbi.co.uk/
Hazchem Waste Disposal
Website: http://www.hazchem-waste.co.uk
Henry Orchard & Sons Ltd
Website: http://www.henryochardandsons.com
Herbst Machinery Ltd
Website: http://www.herbstmachinery.com
Hewitt Robins
Website: http://www.hewittrobins.co.uk
Higgins Balers
Website: http://www.higginsbalers.com
Hopkinson Waste Management Ltd
Website: http://www.hopkinsonwaste.com
Hotrot Organic Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.hotrot.co.uk
HRS Heat Exchanger Ltd
Website: http://www.hrs-heatexchangers.com
HSC Machine Knife Specialists
Website: http://www.hscknives.co.uk
I & G Cohen Ltd
Website: http://www.igcohen.com
Ian Smith Environmental Services
Website: https://resource.co/mail%40iansmitheservices.com
Ings Environmental
Website: http://www.ingsenvironmental.co.uk
Innovative Environmental Service Ltd
Website: http://www.innovative-es.co.uk
Isys Interative Systems Ltd
Website: http://www.isys-waste.com
Website: http://www.it-green.co.uk
J&B Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.jbrecycling.co.uk
J&M Murdoch & Son Ltd
Website: http://www.jmmurdoch.com
Jack Moody Ltd
Website: http://www.jackmoodyltd.co.uk
Jarshire Ltd
Website: http://www.jarshire.co.uk
JMC Recycling Systems Ltd
Website: http://www.jmcrecycling.com
Just Waste-away Recycling Services
Website: http://www.justwasteaway.com
JWS Waste and Recycling Services Ltd
Website: http://www.jwswaste.co.uk
K S Baling Ltd
Website: http://www.ksbaling.co.uk
Kaizen Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.kaizenrecycling.co.uk
Ken Mills Engineering
Website: http://www.kenmills.co.uk
Kenbay Compaction Systems Ltd
Website: http://www.kenbay.co.uk
Kenburn Waste Management Ltd
Website: http://www.kenburn.co.uk
Kier Group
Website: http://www.kier.co.uk
Kingsnorth Waste Management
Website: http://www.kingsnorthwastemanagement.com
KK Balers Ltd
Website: http://www.kkbalers.com
Landfill Alternatives Ltd
Website: http://www.landfillalternatives.co.uk
LAS Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.lasrecycling.com
Website: http://www.lcrn.org.uk
Leafield Environmental
Website: http://www.leafieldrecycle.com
Lefort UK Ltd
Website: http://www.lefortuk.com
Levenseat Ltd
Website: http://www.levenseat.co.uk
Litecast Limited
Website: http://www.litecast.co.uk
LLA Instruments GmbH
Website: http://www.lla-instruments.com/
London Recycling Limited
Website: http://www.london-recycling.co.uk
London Reuse Ltd
Website: http://www.green-works.co.uk
Londonwaste Ltd
Website: http://www.londonwaste.co.uk
Lorien Engineering Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.lorienengineering.com
Lumicon Compliance Scheme
Website: https://resource.co/info%40lumicom.co.uk
Lyndex Recycling Systems Limited
Website: http://www.lyndexrecycling.com
M&J Bowers Limited
Website: http://www.mjbowers.co.uk
M.W. Whites Ltd
Website: http://www.mwwhite.co.uk
Magna Consulting
Website: https://resource.co/roger%40magnaconsulting.co.uk
Website: http://www.magnapower.co.uk
Magpie Recycling Co-op Ltd
Website: http://www.magpie.coop
Maltings Organic Treatment
Website: http://www.maltingsorganic.com
Mardon Recycling Machinery Ltd
Website: http://www.mardonrecycling.co.uk
Master Magnets Ltd
Website: http://www.mastermagnets.co.uk
Mastercut Cutting Systems Ltd
Website: http://www.mastercut.co.uk
Material Change Ltd
Website: http://www.material-change.com
Mayer Environmental
Website: http://www.mayer-enviro.com
McCarthy (UK) Ltd
Website: http://www.mccarthyuk.com
McGrath Group
Website: http://www.mcgrathgroup.co.uk
Melroma Consultancy and Design Ltd
Website: http://www.melroma.co.uk
Website: http://www.meltog.com
Mercury Recycling
Website: http://www.mercuryrecycling.co.uk
Meridian Technical Services Ltd
Website: http://www.meridiantechnicalservices.com/
Metal & Waste
Website: http://www.metalandwaste.com
MHF (UK) Ltd
Website: http://www.mhf.uk.com
Mid UK Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.midukrecycling.co.uk
Middleton Engineering Ltd
Website: http://www.middletonengineering.co.uk
Miles Smith Insurance Brokers
Website: http://www.milessmith.co.uk
Website: http://www.mist-air.co.uk
MT Waste Management Limited
Website: http://www.mtwaste.co.uk
Mulberry Waste Ltd
Website: http://www.mulberrywaste.co.uk
Nationwide Metal Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.nmrecycling.co.uk
Nicholls Group
Website: http://www.nichollsgroup.co.uk
Website: http://www.nilwaste.co.uk
Website: http://www.niramax.co.uk/
Nordic Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.nordicrecycling.co.uk
Norpol Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.norpolrecycling.com
North West Waste Consultants LTD
Website: http://www.northwestwaste.co.uk
Nutramulch Yorkshire Ltd
Website: http://www.nutramulch.com
O.Kay Engineering Services Ltd
Website: http://www.okay.co.uk
Oaktree Environmental Ltd
Website: http://www.oaktree-environmental.co.uk
Oakwood Group
Website: http://www.oakwoodgroup.uk.com
Website: http://www.olleco.co.uk
Opensky Data Systems
Website: http://www.openskydata.com
Oran Environmental Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.oran-es.co.uk
Website: http://www.phs.co.uk/orwak
OSS Group Ltd
Website: http://www.ossgroupltd.com
Outpace Ltd
Website: http://www.outpace.co.uk
Pakawaste Group Waste Handling Systems
Website: http://www.pakawaste.co.uk
Palm Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.palmrecycling.co.uk
Paper Round
Website: http://www.paper-round.co.uk
PDE Waste Technologies
Website: http://www.pde.uk.com
Website: http://www.perchards.com
Peter Ridley Waste Systems
Website: http://www.peterridley.co.uk
Phoenix Compaction Systems Ltd
Website: http://www.phoenixcomp.co.uk
Phoenix County Metals Ltd
Website: http://www.pcm-ltd.co.uk
PHS Wastemanagement
Website: http://www.phswastemanagement.co.uk
PHS Wastetech
Website: http://www.phswastetech.co.uk
PILANA Knives, s.r.o.
Website: http://www.pilana.com
Website: http://www.plasgranltd.co.uk/
Plastic Expert Ltd
Website: http://www.plasticexpert.co.uk
Plastic Omnium Urban Systems
Website: http://www.plasticomnium.com
PMK Recycling
Website: http://www.pmkrecyclingltd.co.uk
Polymelt Ltd
Website: http://www.polystyrenerecyclinguk.co.uk
Potters Recycling
Website: http://www.potters.co.uk
Presona UK
Website: http://www.presona.co.uk
Primary Plant Ltd
Website: http://www.crushers.ie
PRM Waste Systems Ltd
Website: http://www.prmwastesystems.com
Website: http://www.prodware.co.uk
Website: http://www.proskips.co.uk
Pure Planet Recycling
Website: http://www.pureplanetrecycling.co.uk
R & S Etherington Ltd
Website: http://www.rs-skips.co.uk
Website: http://www.rcpsa.co.uk
Website: http://www.reconomy.com
Recplas Ltd
Website: http://www.recplas.co.uk
Recycle Direct Ltd
Website: http://www.recycledirect.com
Recycling Management Ltd
Website: http://www.recyclingmanagement.com
Red Forge Ltd
Website: http://www.redforge.co.uk
Redland International Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.redlandrecycling.co.uk
Rentec NV
Website: http://www.rentec.be
RJ Harris Contracts Ltd
Website: http://www.rjharris.co.uk
Rodan Engineering Co Ltd
Website: http://www.rodan-eng.co.uk
RSG Structures Ltd
Website: http://www.rsgstructures.co.uk/
RTS Waste Management Ltd
Website: http://www.rtswaste.co.uk
Rubber Recycling Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.rrs-tyres.co.uk
S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH
Website: http://www.sesotec.com
Saica Natur UK Ltd
Website: http://www.saica.com
Samson Containers
Website: http://samsoncontainers.co.uk/
Sellers Engineering Ltd
Website: http://www.sellersengineering.co.uk
Serac UK
Website: http://www.serac.co.uk/
Website: https://resource.co/customerservices%40shanks.co.uk
Shred Station
Website: http://www.shredstation.co.uk
Simple Waste Solutions
Website: http://www.easywastesolutions.co.uk
Sims Metal Management
Website: http://www.simsmm.co.uk
Slatevale Ltd
Website: http://www.slaevale.com
SLR Consulting
Website: http://www.slrconsulting.com/
Solvetech Essex Ltd
Website: http://[email protected]
Spirechem North West Ltd
Website: http://www.spirechem.co.uk
SSI Schafer
Website: http://www.ssi-schaefer.co.uk
Steelsoft Computing
Website: http://www.steelsoft.co.uk
Straight Plc
Website: http://www.straight.co.uk
Website: http://www.strateco.co.uk
Summit Recycling Machinery
Website: http://www.summitrecycling.co.uk
SWR Smash & Grab Ltd
Website: http://www.smashgrab.co.uk
SWS Compak
Website: http://[email protected]
Systems 4 Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.systems4recycling.com
Website: http://www.tabernus.com
Taurus (Sales) UK Limited
Website: http://www.engineeringserviceslondon.co.uk
Taylor (Egbert & Taylor & Company Ltd)
Website: http://www.taylorbins.co.uk
Thamesdown Recycling
Website: http://www.thamesdownrecycling.co.uk
The Battery Recycling Company
Website: http://www.electricalwaste.com/batteries
The Environment Exchange (t2e)
Website: http://www.t2e.co.uk
The European Recycling Company Ltd
Website: http://www.europeanrecycling.co.uk
The Frank Barnes Group
Website: http://www.frank-barnes.co.uk
The Teg Group Plc
Website: http://www.theteggroup.plc.uk
The Vine Project
Website: http://www.thevineproject.co.uk
Thetford International Compactors Ltd
Website: http://www.thetford-int.co.uk
Tidy Bin Stores
Website: http://www.tidystores.co.uk
Todd Waste Management
Website: http://www.fdtodd.co.uk
TOMRA Sorting Solutions
Website: http://www.tomra.com
Tony Team
Website: http://www.tonyteam.co.uk/
Website: http://www.tradebe.co.uk
Website: http://www.transcycle.co.uk
Website: http://www.turmec.com/
Unicorn Containers
Website: http://www.unicorn-containers.com
UniSort Bins & Waste Recycling Solutions
Website: http://www.unisanuk.com
Universal Recycling Company
Website: http://www.universalrecyclingcompany.co.uk
Urban Forest Ltd
Website: http://www.urbanforestltd.co.uk
Valley Field Environmental Services Ltd
Website: http://www.vfes.co.uk
Valpak Ltd
Website: http://www.valpak.co.uk
Viridor Waste Management Ltd
Website: http://www.viridor.co.uk
VPG Onboard
Website: http://www.obwvpg.com
W Dale & Son
Website: http://www.greenwasterecycling.co.uk
Website: http://www.wamitab.org.uk/
Warwick Ward (Machinery) Ltd
Website: http://www.warwick-ward.com
Waste & Hygiene Solutions Ltd
Website: http://www.waste-hygiene.co.uk
Waste Dynamics
Website: http://www.wastedynamics.com
Website: http://www.wastecare.co.uk/
Website: http://www.wastecycle.co.uk
Wastepack Ltd
Website: https://resource.co/help%40wastepack.co.uk
Wastesavers Ltd
Website: http://www.wastesavers.co.uk
Website: http://www.wastewise.co.uk
Weee Link
Website: https://resource.co/info%40weeelink.co.uk
Website: https://resource.co/websales%40weeecare.com
Weightron Bilanciai Ltd
Website: http://www.weightron.com
Weir & Carmichael Ltd
Website: http://www.weirbags.co.uk
Westcon Equipment (UK) Ltd
Website: http://www.westconuk.com
Wheelie Bins
Website: http://www.wheeliebins.co.uk/
Whip Street Motors Limited
Website: http://www.whipstreet.co.uk
William Tracey Group
Website: http://www.williamtraceygroup.com
Wincanton RM
Website: http://www.wincantonrm.co.uk
WM Russell & Sons Ltd
Website: http://www.wmrussell.co.uk
Wood Waste Recycling Ltd
Website: http://www.woodwasterecycling.co.uk
Wrights Recycling Machinery Ltd
Website: http://www.wrightsltd.co.uk
Wye Valley Skips Ltd
Website: http://www.wyevalleyskips.co.uk
WYG Environment Planning Transport Ltd
Website: http://www.wyg.com
XPO IT Services Ltd
Website: http://www.xpoitservices.co.uk