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WEEE Recycling with Recolight

Recolight was set up by the lighting industry in 2005 to take on their WEEE responsibility for recycling when the WEEE regulations were introduced into the UK.
Operating as a not for profit Producer Compliance Scheme, Recolight provides free recycling for Producer Members and their customers and end users.
This is as a FREE recycling service because Recolight are funded by their Producer Members.
Recolight recycle more than lamps, giving you a complete WEEE service

Recolight WEEE Compliance

To date Recolight has recycled over 330 million lamps. This is more than all UK WEEE Compliance schemes combined.

With Recolight you will have access to

  • FREE lamp collections and recycling.
  • A dedicated team of WEEE experts offering help and support to Recolight collection points.
  • An online booking system, Recoweb, making it easy to book a collection and complete consignment notes too.
  • FREE consignment notes

Recycling services

Recolight WEEE Recycling

For lamps

  • More than 1000 lamps in 3 months FREE container, collection, and recycling
  • Less than 1000 lamps in 3 months
  • Lease container option, collection and recycling is free.
  • Small quantities of waste lamps
  • Recolight have a UK network drop off points

For Batteries and electrical items

Recolight offer a recycling service for batteries and other electrical items. Operating as a not-for-profit organisation, we can do this at a competitive cost.

To sign up for WEEE collections, visit the Recolight Website and complete an application form.