Leafield releases new 310-litre Envirobank recycling bin

The new Envirobank 310-litre unit is the latest addition to Leafield Environmental’s Envirobank recycling bin range and features a dual aperture to collect different recyclables in its two 155-litre wheeled bins.

Envirobank Range LeafieldThe Envirobank recycling bin range is designed to collect single or multiple recyclables in highly populated areas.

The bins have been used in many national recycling campaigns as high-volume recycling units. The range is available in four different unit sizes, including a 140-litre unit, 180-litre unit (spilt), 240-litre unit and the new 310-litre unit. All the units are available to collect a variety of waste materials.

The units are also designed for durability with an enhanced double wall structure and anti-fly dimpled surface to withstand all weather conditions and the standard unit colour black is made from 100 per cent recycled material – subject to availability.

The Envirobank recycling bins are labelled with WRAP-compliant coded labels to help avoid contamination. An optional A3 poster frame, bespoke colours and personalisation of labels are available upon request.

Visit the Leafield Environmental website for more information. 

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