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H2 Energy opens ‘bio-refinery’ manufacturing plant in Liverpool

H2 Energy's new AD 'Manufacturing and Innovation' plant in Liverpool.
H2 Energy Ltd, which builds small-scale anaerobic digestion (AD) units, opened its new ‘Manufacturing and Innovation’ centre in a public ceremony held yesterday (9 December) in Liverpool.

Situated in Wellington Business Park, north Liverpool, the 4,000m2 operation has now commenced manufacturing small-scale, multi-stage AD systems, with the capacity to deliver four ‘bio-refineries’ per month at full capacity. At the ceremony, the firm’s first commercial ‘bio-refinery’ unit, which was manufactured at the Liverpool site, was also handed over to the company’s first major client, a company in Carlisle that produces supermarket ready meals.

Process details

H2 Energy develops, constructs and uses ‘bio-refineries’, which it claims are ‘the next generation in anaerobic digestion’.

The modular units employ multiple digestion tanks containing bacteria to convert proteins, fats and carbohydrates into bio-methane, which is then burnt to produce electricity and heat. The modular structures have a footprint the size of a shipping container – half the size of a typical AD plant, according to the company – and are intended to be situated close to where food waste is generated, such as at supermarkets.

H2E claims that its process offers ‘significant advancements on first generation AD systems’, including reduced retention time and a flexible construction that takes into account feedstock composition and so ‘maximises energy yields’.

 “Effective” solution to food waste

Speaking at the official opening, Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson commented: “It’s great news that H2 Energy are officially opening their fantastic new facility in Liverpool. We have been working with them for a number of months to make it happen, because we are excited about the opportunities their innovative business will bring to local people.

“Management of food waste is a real challenge for the major food retailers and I’m delighted that we now have a company, here in Liverpool, who will be working them to deliver effective, eco-friendly solutions. The fact that we are home to one of the few companies in the UK offering this technology will certainly help boost our green credentials, as well as creating much-needed new jobs.”

Kevin Bush, Chairman at H2 Energy, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be opening our wonderful new facility in Liverpool. We have got off to a great start, and are already on track to exceed our first year target for orders of our high-tech bio-refineries.

“It’s a really exciting time for H2 Energy. And as part of our official opening, we will celebrate a major milestone – the handover of our first unit, to be used at a site in Carlisle preparing ready meals for a leading supermarket.”

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