Alupro celebrates 25th anniversary

The team at Alupro celebrating 25 years of success
The team at Alupro celebrating 25 years of success

The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) is celebrating its 25th Anniversary by reflecting on its achievements and its impact on aluminium recycling in the UK.

According to Alupro, 25 years ago ‘the UK’s aluminium packaging recycling rate was virtually zero’, Now, over 43 per cent of aluminium packaging, 57 per cent of drinks cans, is recycled –over 70,000 tonnes in 2013. Aluminium recycling rates for the future are set at 70 per cent by 2020.

Alupro background

The not-for-profit organisation was formed in 1989 by the merger of the Aluminium Foil Container Manufacturers Association (AFCMA) and the Aluminium Can Recycling Organisation (ACRA).

It represents the aluminium packaging producers, reprocessors, foil converters, can makers, fillers and brand owners in the UK and ‘acts as a voice on behalf of its members on issues of government policy and legislative development’.

Today, Alupro runs programmes that aim to drive up recycling rates, meet targets and ‘encourage lasting behaviour change among consumers’. Its membership has now extended to represent all sectors of the aluminium packaging recycling chain from producer to brand fillers to reprocessors.

Alupro manages the Metal Matters a communications programme, which educates householders about metal packaging recycling. Its other programmes include Every Can Counts and the ‘Leave your cap on’ Caps and Closures initiative.

“It’s definitely been a challenge, but a rewarding one”

Speaking of the milestone, Executive Director Rick Hindley, said: “Reaching our ‘silver’ anniversary is a good time to reflect on just how much ALPRO has achieved on behalf of its members over the last 25 years.

“It’s definitely been a challenge, but a hugely rewarding one as political, industry and consumer attitudes towards recycling have evolved and people and organisations have accepted the contribution aluminium, and packaging, can make to a sustainable future.”

He added: “Looking ahead there is still much to be done to meet ever-increasing legislative targets, both in Europe and within the devolved administrations that now make up the UK recycling landscape.”

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