WRAP hails Food Waste Action Week an ‘incredible success’

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has announced plans to make Food Waste Action Week an annual event, following the success of the first edition, which was held in March this year.

More than 135 businesses and organisations supported the week, which WRAP has said helped spread the message that ‘wasting food feeds climate change’ nationwide, through public and social media activities.

Potato peelingsFood Waste Action Week encouraged people to adopt behaviours that help them make the most of the food they buy, for example through portion planning, correct storage or being creative with leftovers.

The week also benefited from the support of 40 strategic partners, who helped organise activities to support the week’s message.

The second edition of Food Waste Action Week has been scheduled for Monday 7 to Sunday 13 March 2022, with WRAP hoping that more businesses will get involved to help reduce wasted food.

Sarah Clayton, Head of Citizen Behaviour Change at WRAP, commented: “Food Waste Action Week 2021 was an incredible success, especially considering the backdrop of the continuing pandemic.”

“I thank all the businesses and organisations involved for their commitment during the Week, helping citizens make the link between wasting food and climate change.”

WRAP’s analysis of Food Waste Action Week has found that nearly half of those who saw the week’s messaging reported either doing something differently to reduce waste, or plan to in the future.

One in three UK adults heard or saw messaging about food waste during the week, delivered by the Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

Defra Food Waste Champion, Ben Elliot, said: “Food Waste Action Week 2021 was a fantastic success in raising awareness of the urgent issue of food waste and its links to climate change.

“WRAP’s programme made a real difference in helping citizens reduce their carbon footprint by empowering us all to take practical steps to minimise the amount of unnecessary food waste.

“We now need to redouble our efforts to encourage people to take action and to help fight climate change. I hope all of you across the food supply chain and beyond will join us for next year’s event.”