WRAP and Iglo Group launch new food waste campaign

WRAP and Iglo Group launch new food waste campaign

Frozen food company Iglo Group and the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), have today (25 March) launched a new campaign to reduce food waste levels across Europe by increasing uptake of frozen food and encouraging users to freeze, rather than discard, surplus food.

The €5 million (£3.7 million) iFreeze campaign, launched as part of Iglo Group’s Forever Food Together (FFT) programme (launched in October 2014), aims to counteract the environmental impacts of wasting food, and save householders money.

According to an Iglo-led audit conducted on sustainability and food purchasing, one in five people throw away food because they’ve ‘prepared, cooked or served too much (22 per cent), or because they feel it has gone past its best (20 per cent)’.

Iglo Group’s research also found that up to 77 per cent of people throw food away because they don’t have time to cook it before it spoils, and that European households waste an average of €260 (£191) annually by discarding good food.

As such, it will use the iFreeze campaign to inform consumers across Europe of the financial and environmental benefits of freezing food for later use via television and print advertising, online tips and advice printed on food packaging.

European rollout

The campaign will initially be launched in the UK through Birds Eye, Iglo Group’s UK brand, with support from WRAP, home appliance company Hotpoint (owned by the Whirlpool Corporation) and the British Frozen Food Federation.

WRAP and Iglo Group launch new food waste campaign

iFreeze will be developed elsewhere in Europe during 2015, including in Italy with Findus, another Iglo Group brand. The company plans to invest more than €5 million (£3.7 million) in the campaign by the end of 2020.

Andy Weston-Webb, Iglo Group’s Managing Director in the UK, said: “Freezing, as a means of preservation, and frozen food both have the potential to play a key role in the fight against food waste and save consumers money.

“As Europe’s leading frozen food company, we should and can help educate consumers. Research shows that consumers want businesses to work with other organisations and forming this partnership with WRAP enables us to elevate this message.”

Continuing work of WRAP

In November 2013, WRAP published its research on household food and drink waste levels in the UK, which found that the average UK household throws away the equivalent of six meals every week, costing the nation £12.5 billion a year.

As such, WRAP’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Liz Goodwin issued calls for a “major combined effort” from retailers, brands, governments, and consumers to work together to reduce food waste.

Speaking about the launch of iFreeze, Goodwin said: “WRAP found that around 850,000 tonnes of good food goes to waste every year from our homes, which could have been eaten later if frozen. That’s throwing away enough food to fill Wembley stadium, food worth more than £3 billion. So it’s crucial to raise awareness and provide information on ways to prevent food waste, and WRAP is delighted to be working with Iglo.

“This partnership allows us to highlight the important role freezing can play in reducing food waste, and will help support our ambition to halve UK avoidable household food waste by 2025.”

To help support this ambition and disseminate information about ways to reduce food waste, WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) programme appointed give celebrity ‘ambassadors’ to its cause earlier this week.

Actress and director Sunetra Sarker, best known for her role in Casualty, and celebrity chefs Rachel Khoo, James Strawbridge, Richard Fox and Shane Jordan are now working with LFHW to encourage people to waste less food.

Find out more about the work of WRAP, Love Food Hate Waste or the problems of food waste.

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