Welsh public strongly supports the inclusion of glass in deposit return scheme

A YouGov poll has revealed that approximately seven in ten Welsh citizens are in favour of the inclusion of glass bottles in the proposed deposit return scheme.

Deposit return scheme glassThe poll results come amid concerns that the UK Government may exert pressure on the Welsh Government to exclude glass from its deposit return scheme (DRS), mirroring the exclusion that has stirred debate in England and Northern Ireland.

Conducted by campaign group Nature 2030, the poll surveyed 1,025 adults in Wales aged 16 and over, finding that nearly seven-tenths (66 per cent) want glass to remain in the incoming DRS.

The poll also revealed that 62 per cent of Welsh adults support the introduction of a DRS in Wales, with 60 per cent of those surveyed stating that the scope of a DRS should be consistent across the four nations of the UK, with a standardised approach that would encompass materials such as glass bottles, aluminium cans and plastic bottles.

The potential exclusion of glass from the DRS has sparked concerns amongst environmentalists, particularly given the similar decisions made in England and Northern Wales, with over 30 per cent of glass currently not recycled in the country. Campaigners argue that an ‘all in’ approach, encompassing a variable deposit and various materials, is key to addressing the waste crisis in the UK effectively.

What are the benefits of a deposit return scheme?

Following the results of the poll, a spokesperson for Nature 2030 has commented: “The Welsh Government has had long-standing plans to introduce a deposit return scheme for drinks containers in Wales.

“This is where the consumer pays a deposit on a glass bottle, aluminium can, or plastic bottle which is then redeemed when the container is returned for recycling. These schemes have boosted recycling rates and slashed litter in countries such as Denmark and Finland. All nations of the UK should replicate this and introduce all-in systems.

“Environment policy in Wales is a power that lies with Senedd Cymru and the Welsh Government, not the UK Government. It is imperative the Welsh Government stands strong and includes glass in Wales’s deposit return scheme.”

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