WasteMaster reduces, converts and recycles food waste on site

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WasteMaster reduces, converts and recycles food waste on site
The WasteMaster system

WasteMaster from Green Eco Technologies reduces and converts food and other organic waste, on site, for recycling and reuse as green energy and other useful products.

The WasteMaster system conserves essential resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with landfill, while also contributing significantly to cleaner and safer waste collection and storage.

Food waste is simply loaded into the system and in less than 24 hours is converted into a compost-like, high-calorific value residual material. The process doesn’t require additives or water to work and the volume of the waste loaded is reduced by up to 80 per cent.

WasteMaster re-utilises food waste, turning it into a valuable resource, while providing an environmentally and financially viable solution for businesses and workplaces.

The WasteMaster range includes options for users with medium to high-volume food waste disposal requirements and the system can be easily installed on site as there is no requirement for piped water or sewerage services, just an electrical connection and an air outlet.

WasteMaster is supplied as a managed service which includes, installation, servicing, and 24-hour support.

For more information, visit the Green Eco Technologies website.