Veritas Noble provides tax service to the waste sector

Tax and grants consultant Veritas Noble has launched a service specifically aimed to support companies within the waste sector in reducing their tax liabilities and obtaining a cash credit from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Skip companies, hazardous waste collectors, recyclers and machinery suppliers across all material types risk being under-represented to HMRC in reporting on business activities that utilised research and development work and associated costs.

The realm of Research and Development tax credits has been largely overlooked by companies in this sector, often due to the complexity of evidencing their work against HMRC’s framework for successfully claiming a tax credit.

Nationally, HMRC awards tax credits to the value of approximately £60,000, which is payable by cash or usable as credit against a company’s tax liability.

Research and Development tax claims are designed to empower companies to continue developing services, systems, processes, and to break new ground and gain knowledge not previously attained.

In using the tax claim system, companies are encouraged to continue to obtain advancement where there lies a scientific or technological uncertainty.

Veritas Noble combines its expertise in Research and Development tax claim work with HMRC with its knowledge of the waste sector and the many types of companies within it.

The tax service assumes total responsibility for the claims process and has been designed with no upfront costs for clients.

For an initial free consultation to find out if your company is eligible, please visit the Veritas Noble website or email [email protected].